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Competition Bulletin 2021-11: The General GNCC Double Striped Placard Penalty Assessment

Competition Bulletin 2021-11: The General GNCC Double Striped Placard Penalty Assessment

Friday, March 19, 2021 | 4:00 PM
Friday, March 19, 2021 | 4:00 PM

TO: 2021 GNCC Participants


Date: March 19, 2021


The General GNCC Double Striped Placard Penalty Assessment

Section I.1. of the 2021 GNCC Pro and Amateur Supplemental Rules, On Track Regulations, provide as follows:

  • doublearrows
  1. Riders must remain on the marked course. The marked course is within 25 feet of race arrows. However, riders must stay within the confines of the following markers: DoubleStriped Placards posted on both sides of the trail, ribbons, signs, stakes, hay bales, barrels, motocross track, grass track, etc..

The racecourse at the recent General GNCC contained several double stripe arrowed sections, including one at the three-mile marker. The purpose of the placards is to require riders to pass between the clearly marked placards placed on either side of the trail. After reviewing video of this section from the last two laps of the race, GNCC Officials have determined that it is necessary to penalize the following riders for violation of the Double Striped Placard Rule. The video captures these riders cutting to the left of these placards onto an old trail that had previously been blocked off with Moose tape.

GNCC Rules require that if the original marking devices are knocked down, the rider must stay on the original marked course. In this case, the Moose tape had been knocked down the last two laps of the race, but the placards clearly remained, and riders were required to pass between the placards.

Penalties were assessed in accordance with the number of times a rider bypassed the placards, i.e., one position per offense. Riders finishing behind the penalized riders will not be moved up, therefore multiple riders will receive the same position (i.e., two riders will be marked as finishing 4th).

NameClassPenalty (Pos.)
Benjamin HerreraXC1 Pro2
Cory ButtrickXC1 Pro1
Trevor BollingerXC1 Pro1
Michael WitkowskiXC2 250 Pro2
Ruy BarbosaXC2 250 Pro2
Russell BobbittXC3 Pro-Am2
Trevor BarrettXC3 Pro-Am1
Matthew McDonaldOpen A2
Christopher BachOpen A1
Sebastian PakciarzOpen A1
Zachary SandersOpen B1
Ryan TuckerOpen B1
Jeffrey RussellOpen B1
Devin BodkinOpen B1
Brady MillsOpen B1
Cody DeluceOpen B1
Jimi WinterbottomOpen B1
Joseph Cunningham250 A2
Cole Whitmer250 A1
Kyle Dutton250 A2
Chandler Taylor250 B1
Lake Plowman4-Stroke A Lites1
Sam Hall4-Stroke A Lites1
Nick Kappert4-Stroke A Lites1
Ty Ely4-Stroke B Lites1
Tyler BrutonJunior A/B1
Grant MaryottJunior A/B1
Ryan InmonJunior A/B2
Matt ModicJunior A/B2
Tayler MyersJunior A/B1
Joe MarshVet A2
Tyler TrammellVet A1
Cameron IshmaelVet A1
Joseph StasikVet B1
Shawn RemingtonSenior A1
Felipe BrangerSenior B1
Brent MaynardSenior B1

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