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DP Brakes Dominates Once Again in 2020 GNCC ATV’s

Monday, December 14, 2020 | 2:45 PM

DP Brakes Dominates Once Again in 2020 GNCC ATV’s

BUFFALO, NY. – 2020 DP Brakes Sponsored riders dominate the GNCC ATV Classes, taking first place in ATV Pro XC1, Pro-Am XC2, 4x4 Pro, WXC Women and many more!! Plus, we are proud to say DP Brakes were on the Top 10 ATV Pro Riders machines this season!!

Here is a recap of the 2020 GNCC ATV Final Standings for DP Brakes sponsored riders.

2020 GNCC ATV Championships:

XC1 Pro ATV:
1st Walker Fowler, 2nd Brycen Neal, 3rd Cole Richardson.
Plus, 17 out of 20, All on DP Brakes!!

XC2 Pro-Am ATV:
1st Austin Abney, 2nd Drew Landers, 3rd Branden Owens

4x4 Pro ATV:
1st Landon Wolfe, 2nd  Robbie Pecorari, 3rd Robert Smith.
Plus, 9 out of Top 10. All on DP Brakes!!

Women’s WXC ATV:
1st Hannah Hunter, 2nd Traci Pickens, 3rd Kately Osburn, 4th Alicia McCormick


1st Jeff Pickens

Senior A (40+) ATV
1st TJ Barrett

Schoolboy Sr (14-17) ATV
1st Layne McCormick, 2nd James Glauda, 4th Damien Hawkins

Schoolboy Jr (13-15) ATV
1st Dayton J Hickey, 2nd MJ Yodonis

24+ C ATV
1st Drew Blackley

125 Jr (8-11)
1st Bryce Pullen

Girls Sr (12-15) ATV
1st Hannah Moore

MXC1 (8-9) ATV
1st Bodie Buckhannon, 2nd Khyler Davis

MXC2 (6-8) ATV
1st Kody Buckhannon, 2nd Reed Stevens

50 Sr (6-7) ATV
1st Jase Strouse, 3rd JP Pickens Jr

50 Jr (4-5)
1st Bentley Groves

90 Stock (8-9) ATV
1st Ryder McCormick

Plus, many more outstanding finishers from Team DP Brakes, this year. Well done everyone!!

“We congratulate all the teams, and riders, on their accomplishments in 2020, and wish them all the best in 2021. We are truly honored to be part of their success,” said Larry Mills, President of DP Brakes and Clutches North America.

“Not only do DP Brakes last longer than any other brake pad on the market, they also perform flawlessly in all these arduous conditions. Plus, are non abusive to the rotors and give the rider quiet performance. Riders truly benefit by using DP Brakes”, Mills added.