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Dunlop High Point Youth ATV Race Report

Dunlop High Point Youth ATV Race Report

Friday, June 26, 2020 | 2:30 PM
Friday, June 26, 2020 | 2:30 PM

High Point Youth ATV Race Report
McGaughey and Buckhannon win High Point

Round six of the 2020 Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Series presented by Specialized, an AMA National Championship, took place June 13th and 14th in Mount Morris, PA, with the High Point GNCC. This is the third year the GNCC series has hosted a race on or near the High Point motocross track property. Though the famed track was not used in the race, there is plenty of woods and fields on the property that were put to excellent use. With plenty of elevation change, mostly in the form of short up-and-down climbs, frequent jumps out of the woods into the faster grasstrack sections, and enough tree roots and rock to be slightly technical but not too difficult,  High Point was a very enjoyable race.

Ty McGaughey earned the youth overall win from the YXC2 Super Mini Jr. class.
Ty McGaughey earned the youth overall win from the YXC2 Super Mini Jr. class. Ken Hill

The conditions this year were hardpacked and dry without being overly dusty (unlike last year’s powder-filled dust bowl). The course was very fast, but also very slippery, so it was important to pay attention to rear tire traction. The weather was fantastic both days, with the expected rain holding off and mild temperatures, even a little chilly in the mornings – a relief after the brutal heat in the recent southern rounds Out of the 73 riders in the youth ATV race, Ty McGaughey was the overall winner, while Bodie Buckhannon was the overall winner in the 42-rider micro ATV race.

Nicholas Dearing took an early lead in YXC1 and had roughly a minute over second place heading into the fourth lap. However, shortly after he crashed, breaking a tie rod, and was unable to finish the race. Charlie Stewart moved into the lead, and although Tyler Cox was gaining on him toward the end of the race, he had a large enough lead to still finish with a comfortable twenty second gap. This is Stewart’s first YXC1 win this season. Meanwhile, Morgan Johnson took third, earning her first-ever YXC1 podium. When asked about his race Stewart told us “I loved the fast track, had a great start, and am pumped for my first win of the season!”

Charlie Stewart came through to clinch the YXC1 Super Mini Sr. class win at High Point.
Charlie Stewart came through to clinch the YXC1 Super Mini Sr. class win at High Point. Ken Hill

In YXC2, Ty McGaughey initially took the lead, though on the second lap Brody Pullen found an opening and made a successful pass.  Pullen kept McGaughey bottled up behind him for two laps, but ultimately couldn’t fend him off through the end of the race. Once around Pullen, McGaughey built up a substantial lead, winning his class by almost two minutes and earning an overall win from the second row! Pullen finished second, just ahead of Tavin Cook. When asked about his race, McGaughey told us “I had a good start, got around first about a mile in. I had some good battles, brought home the win and my first-ever overall! It was a good, flowing track and was really fun… I’m really looking forward to the Penton.”

The overall non-YXC rider in the ATV youth race was Quenten Gouker (HON), racing in the 90 (8-12) class. He placed 14th overall.

In MXC1, Bodie Buckhannon and Khyler Davis once again had an epic battle for the win. They never came through the scoring zone more than ten seconds apart, and most of the times they were much closer together than that. Buckhannon came out on top, and now leads Davis in the standings by a single point. Brayden Cox rounded out the podium after barely holding off Kaleb Shay. When asked about his race, Buckhannon said “It was a fun race! I battled all race with Khyler, switching the lead several times working through lapped traffic. I was happy to come home with the win!”

Bodie Buckhannon came through to earn the Micro overall win.
Bodie Buckhannon came through to earn the Micro overall win. Ken Hill

After starting out in fifth, MXC2 rider Reed Sevens got into the lead on lap two and slowly but steadily pulled away from eventual second place finisher Kody Buckhannon. Despite charging hard the last lap and running the fastest time out of the entire class, Klaiton Sampson was unable to catch back up to Buckhannon, finishing third.

The fastest non-MXC rider in the Micro ATV race was Jase Strouse, racing in the 50 SR (6-7) class. He finished 4th overall.

Round seven of the series will take place on June 13th and 14th in Millfield, Ohio, with the John Penton GNCC. ATV, Micro and eBike racing will take place on Saturday, while Bike racing will take place on Sunday.

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High Point GNCC
Mount Morris, PA
Round 6 of 13
June 13th and 14th

ATV YXC1 Race Results

  1. Charlie Stewart (YAM)
  2. Tyler Cox (YAM)
  3. Morgan Johnson (YAM)
  4. Kaden Lambruno (OTH)
  5. Chloe Harper (HON)

ATV YXC1 National Championship Standings

  1. Charlie Stewart (YAM) 114
  2. Tyler Cox (YAM) 110
  3. Morgan Johnson (YAM) 100
  4. Kaden Lambruno (OTH) 88
  5. Nicholas Dearing (YAM) 87

ATV YXC2 Race Results

  1. Ty McGaughey (HON)
  2. Brody Pullen (HON)
  3. Tavin Cook (HON)
  4. Bryson Lee (HON)
  5. Harrison Lindsey (YAM)

ATV YXC2 National Championship Standings

  1. Ty McGaughey (HON) 110
  2. Tavin Cook (YAM) 107
  3. Brody Pullen (HON) 105
  4. Bryson Lee (HON) 104
  5. Harrison Lindsey (YAM) 89

ATV MXC1 Race Results

  1. Bodie Buckhannon (DRR)
  2. Khyler Davis (DRR)
  3. Brayden Cox (DRR)
  4. Kaleb Shay (DRR)
  5. Falyn Holcomb (DRR)

ATV MXC1 Championship Standings

  1. Bodie Buckhannon (DRR) 116
  2. Khyler Davis (DRR) 115
  3. Brayden Cox (DRR) 101
  4. Falyn Holcomb (DRR) 97
  5. Raelynn Dickerson (DRR) 89

ATV MXC2 Race Results

  1. Reed Stevens (DRR)
  2. Kody Buckhannon (DRR)
  3. Klaiton Sampson (DRR)
  4. Dawson Lane (DRR)
  5. Noah Slocum (APX)

ATV MXC2 National Championship Standings

  1. Kody Buckhannon (DRR) 117
  2. Noah Slocum (APX) 102
  3. Reed Stevens (DRR) 96
  4. Dawson Lane (DRR) 91
  5. Bryson Dickerson (DRR) 90

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