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Tuesday Toolbox: Josh Toth

Tuesday Toolbox: Josh Toth

Tuesday, May 12, 2020 | 4:55 PM
Tuesday, May 12, 2020 | 4:55 PM

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, as pretty much everyone can attest to right now. Over the next couple weeks, until we go racing again, I’ll be talking to several of our GNCC pro riders who were injured very early in the season, to see what their road to recovery has been like and what they’ve been up to while everything is on hold. This week I talked to Josh Toth. He’s spent the last two seasons plagued by the same injury: first breaking his leg last season, which required a metal rod insert to fix, then crashing again early this season, bending the rod.

Ken Hill For those of us who don’t know you super well, tell us about yourself.

Josh Toth: Alright, I’m 22 years old. Born and raised in Connecticut. I’ve been riding and racing since I was about four years old, and still love riding as much as I ever have! I ride for the Factory KTM team in GNCC and NEPG

How did you get injured and what was the injury?

I originally broke my tib/fib last June and recovered from it well after having a rod put in my leg. I was back to racing GNCC and even raced the ISDE towards the end of the season. Then in late January, I was feeling great on the bike after a good off-season. I was practicing for the first NEPG and drifted wide at the top of a downhill and crushed my leg between my bike and a tree. The rod bent and my tib/fib refractured. I was in such disbelief – I remember riding back to the truck and (wishfully) thinking that maybe it was just a really bad bruise.

How has your recovery progressed so far and what still needs to happen in order for you to get back on the bike?

The recovery has felt like an eternity but it’s gone smoothly. I kept the slightly bent rod in because the surgery causes a lot of trauma to the leg and it would have been a longer recovery. I honestly only used a crutch for maybe a week, then started walking on it. One thing I learned from breaking it the first time was how quickly muscle atrophy sets in, and how important it was to keep my leg moving and working no matter how bad it hurt. I started off doing a bunch of eBike rides before I could really get around on foot, then road biking as soon as the leg could handle it. I recently got cleared to ride. To my surprise, my first time on the bike felt great, and my fitness is still good, so it honestly felt like I never stopped even though it’s been almost three months!

Ken Hill

What have you been doing to keep busy doing the stay-at-home orders?

I bought a house in November in North Carolina and it had some things I wanted to change up. So I’ve been busy putting my old carpenter and plumbing skills to work (laughs). I also have a little bit of land, so we have spent many hours shoveling jumps and other stuff to play with on the mountain bikes – that’s been fun!

Since everything has been on hold, how has your outlook on the season changed?

Yeah, I don’t think anyone saw this virus coming but it has benefited me as far as not missing as many races goes. I’m back on the bike and feeling good, so I hope the racing returns before long. I’m more motivated than ever to get back to racing so I think in a way this time has been good for me.

Mentally, what are some of the things you have done to cope with your injury and everything else that’s been going on?

I just tried to accept my injury as quickly as possible and not overthink it, because in this sport injuries happen. You just need to move on from it and work at being back to 100% as quickly as you can. With the coronavirus and the world going crazy, I’ve been in my own world training and working on the house so it hasn’t affected me as much as it has many other people.

Assuming we get back to racing this spring or summer, what are your plans for the rest of the season?

I plan on coming out swinging and giving it everything I have. I know I belong at the front battling for wins, so I will keep putting in the work until it’s time to go racing!

Ken Hill

What advice on working out and training would you give someone who is currently limied by the stay-at-home orders or lack of equipment?

I would tell them you really don’t need much. You can do a circuit of push-ups, crunches, bodyweight squats, pull-ups and planks if you are stuck inside during quarantine. Otherwise, get out and pedal! That’s definitely the most beneficial exercise for most GNCC racers.

Who would you like to thank?

I’d like to thank the entire FMF/Redbull KTM team for their continued support and belief in me. My mechanic Chuck for keeping my bikes ready to race at all times. My trainer Charlie Mullins, and all of my sponsors: Arai Helmets, 100% Goggles, POD, USWE, Live it Extreme, Wickflow and Specialized. Also, thank you to all my friends, fans and family for all of the support! Can’t wait to be back racing!