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High Point Ride Day This Saturday, May 9th

High Point Ride Day This Saturday, May 9th

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 | 11:10 AM
Wednesday, May 6, 2020 | 11:10 AM
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This Saturday, MAY 9th

We’re riding!  Thanks to the Safe-to-Race Toolkit and the best practices developed by the Task Force, High Point Raceway has received the green light to host a recreational Ride Day this Saturday from 12 noon to 5 PM.  The Ride Day will consist of an unprecedented 5 courses available to riders depending upon their bike size and age.  Admission and registration processes will follow strict social distancing and hygiene guidelines, as recommended by this Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

It’s been a crazy spring.  We should have been racing long ago, but we all did our part, and now it’s time to get back to the track.  Although we won’t be racing, we hope to see you this weekend. 

Your health and safety are our priority.  Here are some track rules and things you need to consider before your visit:

General Details:

  • We will have trained EMTs and an ALS unit onsite all day. What better way to spend your riding day knowing there are medics onsite … just in case.
  • We will have 5 different riding areas available, depending on your bike size and age:
    • High Point National Motocross Track – open to big bikes and minis (65-150cc)
    • 3-mile GNCC loop – open to big bikes only
    • 2-mile eMTB loop – open to all mountain bikes, not just eMTB
    • 50cc Track
    • Stacyc Course

(Sorry, no ATVs this day)

  • Track access for all riding areas will be from 12 noon to 5 pm.
  • Riders must be in full gear to gain track access.
  • Concessions will NOT be available please plan accordingly.
  • Facility closes at 6 pm. No overnight camping.

Admission Process:

  • Admission is free.
  • Upon entry, guests will be greeted by staff wearing PPE and will be given an information sheet setting forth the rules for the day, including social distancing guidelines, safe hygiene practices, and liability release terms and conditions. No release signatures will be required.
  • Anyone wishing to ride will be given a registration/release form to be completed prior to reporting to Registration. Please bring your own pen for this purpose.
  • Each vehicle will be given a garbage bag. We ask you contain your own trash and dispose of it in our dumpster at the front gate on your way home.  Thanks in advance for pitching in.
  • Please park no less than 10 feet apart from your neighbor on all sides.
  • Please remain in your chosen pit area unless going to/from registration, concessions or the racetracks. Don’t roam or visit your neighbors - use your phone for that.

Registration Process:

  • Registration is located at the Announcer Tower.
  • All riders are required to register. No one is permitted on track without registering.
  • Rider fee is $40 for the day and provides access to multiple activities.
  • Big bikes have access to the motocross track and the GNCC Loop.
  • Bring your eMTB and hit a lap in-between your moto sessions or during a GNCC break.
  • We ask that only the rider, or in the event of a youth rider their parent, attend registration. Youth riders should not attend registration.
  • Riders will give the fully completed entry from to the clerk.
  • Clerks will be seated behind plexiglass barriers for your protection and theirs.
  • Rider Fee can be paid by credit card or exact cash. Chip readers will be positioned so that riders can insert their credit card directly without handing it to the clerk. No signature required.   Change will not be given for cash sales.  Please come prepared.
  • Riders will be given an armband to confirm to staff they are eligible for track access.

Motocross Track:

  • We will have (5) rotations of (4) groups:
      • A/B
      • C/D
      • Vet (30+)
      • Mini (65/85cc)
  • Depending upon the size of the group, it may be necessary to have more than one session per group.
  • Our motocross track will be fully staffed with caution flaggers. Please be familiar with the caution flag rules. There is no jumping or passing on Yellow or Red Cross flags.
  • Our top-notch track crew will make track maintenance a snap! We have the best water trucks.
  • Only 1 rider / 1 mechanic to staging. Due to social distancing concerns, mechanics are encouraged to wear facemasks while in staging.
  • Riders must ride alone and may not transport anyone on their bikes.
  • Staging will be on the Start Line. Lanes will be designated for each group. Riders should go to their designated lane to await their next session. While in staging lanes, riders should adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Because this is a recreational ride day, we have eliminated the Pro National quad jump. The goal here is to have fun on our motorcycles and enjoy the first day of riding at High Point. Big jumps can wait.

GNCC Loop:

  • Entry to the GNCC Loop will be at the top of the hill under the Power Tower.
  • Riders must show their armband in order to access the GNCC Loop.
  • Due to the difficulty of the course, mini bikes are not permitted.

50cc Track:

  • The 50cc track will be managed by USMCA certified coach, Jessica Coombs. USMCA (U.S. Motorcycle Coaches Association) certifies coaches who have met the qualifications for …. 
  • Jessica specializes in new rider training for kids 6-10 years old and will be on-hand all afternoon to assist with new rider development.

Stacyc Course:

  • For our youngest riders, a Stacyc Course will be available adjacent to the 50cc Track.
  • There is no fee for access to the Stacyc Course.

eMTB Course:

  • Our new 2-mile eMTB course will be open all afternoon. Riders are free to warm-up before and between moto and GNCC on our specially designed mountain bike course. 
  • All mountain bikes welcome.
  • If you only want to access the eMTB course the fee is $20.

Health Considerations:

  • Social distancing is key. That means standing at least 6 feet apart from another person.
  • When you are unable to social distance or stand 6 feet apart, we recommend you wear a facemask to protect you from others and others from you. Just use common sense.  Besides, it’s Cool to Covered!
  • We will have hand sanitizer available at all workstations.
  • An Isolation Station will be located at the front gate for persons feeling ill. If you think you have a fever or start to feel ill, please do not go to the EMS Station.  We have a special Isolation Station at the front gate. Please go there so you do not infect the EMS Station.
  • The CDC recommends persons who are sick with fever or cough, elderly or at high risk, to stay at home. We do too.  Please do not attend our event if this is you.
  • Please take your temperature before you leave home. If you have a temperature of at least 100.4, you have a fever and should stay home.
  • If you know you have had contact with someone diagnosed with having COVID-19 in the last 14 days, or you yourself have had COVID-19 in the last 30 days, please stay home.
  • Respect our local community – wear facemasks, gloves and wash your hands when supporting our local businesses.
  • We know this all sounds awful, but it’s for your own good and all concerned.

Here are some signs you will see throughout the facility.  Please take them seriously.