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The Specialized General GNCC: Youth ATV Race Report

The Specialized General GNCC: Youth ATV Race Report

Thursday, March 26, 2020 | 3:45 PM
Thursday, March 26, 2020 | 3:45 PM

The Specialized General GNCC: Youth ATV Race Report
Cox and Buckhannon on top of the box

WASHINGTON, Ga. (March 26, 2020) – Round three of the 2020 Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Series presented by Specialized, an AMA National Championship recently took place on March 14th and 15th. The Specialized General GNCC is held at Aonia Pass MX in Washington, GA. Other than the motocross track and a mulch pile that always seems to make an appearance on the course, the most notable feature of the General is the red clay. When wet, it becomes insanely slippery. When dry, it gets hard-edged and rough.

Tyler Cox grabbed the early lead, racing to an overall win at round three.
Tyler Cox grabbed the early lead, racing to an overall win at round three. Ken Hill

This year rain earlier in the week had left mudholes and soft spots in the low-lying areas of the property, with the higher ground staying relatively hard. The course tended to be difficult to read – some sections were really tacky and grippy, while others were treacherously slick. Temperatures were mild, and the forecasted rain held off, aside from a few isolated showers on Sunday. Out of the 70 riders in the youth ATV race, Tyler Cox was the overall winner, while Bodie Buckhannon took the overall win in the 36-rider micro ATV race.

Tyler Cox was the winner in YXC1, a satisfying redemption after an eighth-place finish in Florida. It was also enough to move him back up to third place in the points standings. Charlie Stewart started out in front, but was passed by Cox on the second lap. Cox was able to pull away and by the end of the race had a comfortable minute and a half lead. Nicholas Dearing battled closely with Stewart throughout the race, and had the advantage going into the final lap. However, Dearing’s last lap was a minute slower than his previous one, while Stewart remained consistent – which was enough to put Stewart in second, leaving Dearing third for the day. When asked about his race, Cox said “The General was lots of fun on a great track. I knew I needed to get out front and take the lead after the terrible luck I had at Wild Boar”

Once again Ty McGaughey didn’t have the best start, but still came out on top, marking his third win in as many rounds. Despite being in fourth after the first lap, he passed all three riders ahead of him and pulled a thirty second gap to boot on lap two. After that he was unchallenged the remainder of the race. There were a lot of position changes in the rest of the top five though – Logan Ward and Bryson Lee both hovered near podium positions for the first half of the race, though they fell back toward the end. Tavin Cook took home second place after breaking away from the pack on lap four. Brody Pullen took home his first podium this season after a hard-fought battle up from a low of seventh place.

Charlie Stewart battled back to second overall in his home state of Georgia. 
Charlie Stewart battled back to second overall in his home state of Georgia.  Ken Hill

The overall non-YXC rider in the ATV youth race was Bryce Pullen (YAM), racing in the 125 JR (8-11) class. He placed 14th overall.

After being a close second for the last two races, Bodie Buckhannon finally got his first MXC1 win of the season. After this win he and Khyler Davis are now tied for the lead in the points standings. Ethen Berner was out front after a very fast first lap. That combined with Buckhannon getting tangled up in the first corner resulted in Berner leading Buckhannon by over a minute on the first lap. Buckhannon made up a significant chunk of time on lap two, made the pass on lap three and pulled away from Berner for good on lap four. Khyler Davis was withing striking distance of Berner twice, but never got the job done and rounded out the MXC1 podium in third. When asked about his race, Buckhannon said “After a bad start I fell back to last place. I worked my way through the field, picking good lines. I passed for the lead on the third lap. It felt great to be back in first on the overall podium again!”

In MXC2, Reed Stevens took the win in MXC2 win and made it on to the Micro overall podium, finishing third from the second row. In his early laps, he rode well and had a comfortable lead. His fourth lap was a bit slower, indicating he had problems of some kind and allowing second place Kody Buckhannon to get right up on his tail. Coming through the scoring zone they were only one second apart. However, Stevens was able to pull away on the last lap, earning his first ever MXC2 win! Buckhannon placed second, and Hayden Bettinger placed third after fighting his way up from seventh at the beginning of the race.

Bodie Buckhannon earned the Micro ATV overall race win on Saturday morning.
Bodie Buckhannon earned the Micro ATV overall race win on Saturday morning. Ken Hill

The overall non-MXC rider in the Micro ATV race was Ryder McCormick (HON) racing in the 90 Stock (8-9) class. He finished seventh overall.

Round four of the series is currently set to take place on April 18th and 19th in Society Hill, South Carolina with the Camp Coker Bullet. ATV and Micro racing will take place on Saturday, while Bike racing will take place on Sunday. However, please keep an eye on the GNCC Racing website and social media accounts to stay up to date on any potential changes to the schedule.

For more information on the GNCC Series, visit the official website at or call (304) 284-0084. Join the conversation and be sure to always hashtag #GNCC.

Tyler Cox (center), Charlie Stewart (left) and Nicholas Dearing (right) rounded out The General GNCC Youth podium.
Tyler Cox (center), Charlie Stewart (left) and Nicholas Dearing (right) rounded out The General GNCC Youth podium. Ken Hill

The General GNCC
Washington, GA
Round 3 of 13
March 14th and 15th

ATV YXC1 Race Results

  1. Tyler Cox (YAM)
  2. Charlie Stewart (YAM)
  3. Nicholas Dearing (YAM)
  4. Kaden Lambruno (HON)
  5. Morgan Johnson (YAM)

ATV YXC1 National Championship Standings

  1. Nicholas Dearing (YAM) 57
  2. Charlie Stewart (YAM) 56
  3. Tyler Cox (YAM) 53
  4. Morgan Johnson (YAM) 50
  5. Chloe Harper (YAM) 46

ATV YXC2 Race Results

  1. Ty McGaughey (HON)
  2. Tavin Cook (YAM)
  3. Brody Pullen (HON)
  4. Bryson Lee (HON)
  5. Logan Ward (HON)

ATV YXC2 National Championship Standings

  1. Ty McGaughey (HON) 60
  2. Tavin Cook (YAM) 54
  3. Bryson Lee (YAM) 52
  4. Harrison Lindsey (YAM) 50
  5. Brody Pullen (HON) 48

ATV MXC1 Race Results

  1. Bodie Buckhannon (DRR)
  2. Ethen Berner (DRR)
  3. Khyler Davis (DRR)
  4. Kaleb Shay (DRR)
  5. Falyn Holcomb (DRR)

ATV MXC1 Championship Standings

  1. Bodie Buckhannon (DRR) 58
  2. Khyler Davis (DRR) 58
  3. Brayden Cox (DRR) 50
  4. Falyn Holcomb (DRR) 50
  5. Raelyn Dickerson (DRR) 45

ATV MXC2 Race Results                    

  1. Reed Stevens (DRR)
  2. Kody Buckhannon (DRR)
  3. Hayden Bettinger (DRR)
  4. Noah Slocum (APX)
  5. Clynt Howe (DRR)

ATV MXC2 National Championship Standings

  1. Kody Buckhannon 59
  2. Tyler McLaughlin 52
  3. Noah Slocum 49
  4. Dawson Lane 47
  5. Bryson Dickerson 44

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