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Moose Racing Wild Boar GNCC: Youth ATV Race Report

Moose Racing Wild Boar GNCC: Youth ATV Race Report

Thursday, March 12, 2020 | 1:05 PM
Thursday, March 12, 2020 | 1:05 PM

Moose Racing Wild Boar GNCC: Youth ATV Race Report
Dearing and Davis win Wild Boar

PALATKA, Fla. (March 12, 2020) – Round two of the 2020 Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Series presented by Specialized, an AMA National Championship, took place on March 7th and 8th. The race takes place at Hog Waller Mud Bog, on the edge of Rodman Plantation. The Hurricane GNCC took place near here many years ago, and since 2015 the GNCC series has returned to the area for Wild Boar. Since we are in Florida, obviously the place is pretty sandy, but the type of sand varies throughout the course, ranging from white sugar sand to a black-colored loam. Palmetto and tree roots also have a habit of sneaking up on you, and the mudholes can also present a challenge.

Nicholas Dearing battled throughout the race to take home the youth overall win from the Moose Racing Wild Boar GNCC.
Nicholas Dearing battled throughout the race to take home the youth overall win from the Moose Racing Wild Boar GNCC. Ken Hill

Wild Boar was drier than normal this year. Although the dust wasn’t bad, many of the normal mudholes were dried up, and I would argue there was nowhere on the youth course where it was really possible to get stuck. Usually the heat and humidity prove to be a major obstacle as well, but this year the mostly overcast skies and temperatures in the low sixties were a relief for many. Out of the 74 riders in the youth ATV Race, Nicholas Dearing was the overall winner, while Khyler Davis took the overall win in the 32-rider micro ATV race.

In YXC1, Nicholas Dearing took an early lead and never looked back. He slowly extended his lead with each passing lap, and then gained even more time over the last two laps. He would eventually end the day with two and a half minutes over second place Charlie Stewart, who in turn had about the same margin over third place Connor Walker. Dearing’s win was enough to move him into the lead in the points standings, with Stewart and Walker in second and third respectively. When asked about his race, Dearing said “I was nervous coming into this race because I’ve never rode in the sand before. But once I heard the ten seconds call I knew it was time to put my head down and ride my race. And it paid off for me!”

Despite a rough start to the race and coming through the scoring zone on lap one in seventh place, Ty McGaughey took home his second YXC2 win in two races. By the time they were going out on the last lap, he had worked his way into second place, within striking distance of the leader. Bryson Lee had led the race for the entire day, and McGaughey was barely able to snatch the win – Lee lost by a mere ten seconds. Third place Harrison Lindsey had an even rougher start to the race than McGaughey did, working his way up to a podium position after being as far back as fifteenth early in the race.  When asked about his race, McGaughey told us “I had a pretty bad start but was able to past most people before we got to the woods. I put my head down and made my way up to second. On the last lap with a mile to go I passed first place and won! The track was very rough and fun."

The overall non-YXC rider in the ATV youth race was Caden Johnson (YAM), racing in the 125 SR (12-15) class. He placed 15th overall.

Khyler Davis came from behind to take the MXC1 and Micro ATV overall win in Florida.
Khyler Davis came from behind to take the MXC1 and Micro ATV overall win in Florida. Ken Hill

Bodie Buckhannon put in a strong ride in MXC1, leading for all but the final lap. Current points leader Khyler Davis was able to make up time on the final two laps, but the race was incredibly close – at the end of the day the two riders were separated by less that two-tenths of a second. Falyn Holcomb rounded out the podium in third place. When asked about her race, Davis told us “I am super excited to win the first two races, it takes some of the pressure off. I liked the track, but only where I could make passes. The ruts made it more of a challenged because if you didn’t stay on the gas you’d get stuck.”

In MXC2, Kody Buckhannon took home his second win of the year. Tyler McLaughlin started out in the lead, with Buckhannon in second and Noah Solcum in third. For the first two laps the riders were neck and neck but held their positions. On lap three, McLaughlin encountered some problems that dropped him back to third, which is where he would finish the race, moving Kody into the lead and Solcum up to second. When asked about his race, Buckhannon said “The track was really rough and it was hard to make passes. But I had a great time and found some lines to take the win!”

The overall non-MXC rider in the Micro ATV race was Ryder McCormick (HON) racing in the 90 Stock (8-9) class. He finished 3rd overall. 

Nicholas Dearing (center), Charlie Stewart (left) and Connor Walker (right) rounded out the Wild Boar YXC1 overall podium.
Nicholas Dearing (center), Charlie Stewart (left) and Connor Walker (right) rounded out the Wild Boar YXC1 overall podium. Ken Hill

Round three of the series will take place on March 14th and 15th in Washington, Georgia, with The General GNCC. ATV, Micro and eBike racing will take place Saturday while Bike racing will take place on Sunday.

For more information on the GNCC Series, visit the official website at or call (304) 284-0084. Join the conversation and be sure to always hashtag #GNCC.

Wild Boar GNCC
Palatka, FL
Round 2 of 13
March 7th and 8th
ATV YXC1 Race Results

  1. Nicholas Dearing (YAM)
  2. Charlie Stewart (YAM)
  3. Connor Walker (OTH)
  4. Morgan Johnson (YAM)
  5. Chloe Harper (YAM) 

ATV YXC1 National Championship Standings

  1. Nicholas Dearing (YAM) 39
  2. Charlie Stewart (YAM) 37
  3. Morgan Johnson (YAM) 34
  4. Tyler Cox (YAM) 33
  5. Chloe Harper (YAM) 31

ATV YXC2 Race Results

  1. Ty McGaughey (HON)
  2. Bryson Lee (HON)
  3. Harrison Lindsey (YAM)
  4. Tavin Cook (YAM)
  5. Brody Pullen (HON) 

ATV YXC2 National Championship Standings 

  1. Ty McGaughey (HON) 40
  2. Harrison Lindsey (YAM) 37
  3. Tavin Cook (YAM) 35
  4. Bryson Lee (YAM) 35
  5. Brody Pullen (HON) 30 

ATV MXC1 Race Results

  1. Khyler Davis (DRR)
  2. Bodie Buckhannon (DRR)
  3. Falyn Holcomb (DRR)
  4. Brayden Cox (DRR)
  5. Raelyn Dickerson (DRR)

ATV MXC1 Championship Standings

  1. Khyler Davis (DRR) 40
  2. Bodie Buckhannon (DRR) 38
  3. Gavin Harwell 36
  4. Jake Ellis 30
  5. Rylee Mattison 26 

ATV MXC2 Race Results

  1. Kody Buckhannon (DRR)
  2. Noah Slocum (APX)
  3. Tyler McLaughlin (DRR)
  4. Dawson Lane (DRR)
  5. Cohen McClelland (DRR) 

ATV MXC2 National Championship Standings

  1. Kody Buckhannon 40
  2. Tyler McLaughlin 37
  3. Dawson Lane 34
  4. Noah Slocum 32
  5. Bryson Dickerson 30 

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