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Quick Fill #30: This Week in GNCC

Quick Fill #30: This Week in GNCC

Thursday, September 12, 2019 | 1:20 PM
Thursday, September 12, 2019 | 1:20 PM

Welcome to Quick Fill. 

Are you ready to go GNCC Racing? We are! This weekend’s Black Sky GNCC is ON! Don’t listen to any rumors your best friend’s neighbor’s little brother heard, we’re going racing this weekend and it’s going to be a fun one! We have got a little bit of rain here but the property needed it. The facility was pretty dusty yesterday, so this rain has done nothing but shape things up for the better this weekend. There’s a new road built into the facility that actually was here when we arrived earlier this week. It’s a hard road, and there’s some hard ground throughout the pit area. So while it may be a hair on the slick side if we get more rain, you’ll still be able to get in and out. 

We’re out there getting things finished up for this weekend, so we’re going to keep this edition of Quick Fill a bit on the short side but I will give you a low-down on what to expect out of the track. This is a pretty fun course and has a little bit of everything, minus sand. It is a little short, but it’s still longer than the courses we had at Unadilla and the trails won’t be quite as fast as what we rode there. When you take off from the start you will actually be started right around the one-mile mark. You’ll head into the woods and into a really fun trail that has a few areas of big shell rock gardens that will actually be very fun to ride. If you want to skip them, there are a few split lines that keep you away from those rocks. 

From there you’ll pop into a quick field section and head back into the woods. When you go into that next woods section, there’s a short uphill before you drop down into a technical section of tighter, brand new trail. You’ll come back out of that onto some faster trail for a bit, then come to some zigzagging trails to the two-mile mark. This continues around before the track gets a little faster leading up to the three-mile mark, but things will get a bit twisty and tighter just past the three. It’s pretty similar all the way over to the four-mile mark where you’ll pop out into a field section for a bit before dropping into some tighter trail to the five. 

After the five you’ll go through a mix of faster trail and some medium-speed trails all the way to the six-mile mark. After the six, you’ll find a few areas that will be a bit off-camber and a little slower with some fun, flowing, up and downhill areas. This takes you past the seven-mile mark, and into some tighter trail before one little field section brings you down to some open trail to the eight-mile mark. 

Once you pass the eight, there are several up and downhill areas that work back and forth across a hillside. This will be pretty fun, but also a little on the challenging side. Your last time up the hill brings you through a tight trail before you pick up another big field section with some small jumps. This takes you all the way to the nine-mile mark before you drop off a hill and head towards the finish. You’ll work your way out of the finish and through a fun grass track section that eventually works its way to the pro pits. 

When you make it through the pro pits, you’ll continue around a little more grass track before dropping into the woods back where you started at, just before the one-mile mark. Overall, it’s going to be a little under ten-miles for the ATVs, and the motorcycle races will have a couple of bike-only sections that will make it hit the ten-mile mark. The facility is really fun to ride, and a lot different than other GNCC events we’ve had in New York. Don’t miss it; it’s going to be a blast! 

Before we wrap this up, don’t forget about the DC Vet Homecoming next weekend! We’ve been talking about this for several weeks now but once Black Sky is in the books, we’ve got a really fun and laid-back event between Black Sky and Mason-Dixon. That’s the 29th annual DC Vet Homecoming at High Point Raceway. We’ve updated classes, weekend schedule and everything else for that event, so check out all the info HERE! Saturday will see the GP Moto-X Country event, which is a hybrid mix of off-road racing and motocross. You’ll race two 30-minute motos on a roughly three-mile racecourse with woods, grass track and motocross track. This is pretty cool because a portion of this GP course will be used for the Mason-Dixon GNCC the following weekend. 

That’s followed by the traditional DC Vet Homecoming motocross event on Sunday, which is always a good time! I’m usually too afraid to jump but it’s such a fun event that even I get out there and do a little motocross racing. We’ve also updated the race fees and each day you’ll be able to race a second class for a reduced price, with the exception of classes that payback money. Your first class will cost $40, and any additional class is just $25. 

The race order for the GP event is posted on the High Point website and if you check out the order, just about anyone and everyone should be able to enter two classes. The “Open” classes for the GP event are true open classes, which means you are allowed to race at 250 in that class for that event. So, if you’re an A rider on a 250, you have the chance to race the 250 A and Open A classes, which run in separate motos. Or if you’re on a 450 you could race the Open A and Sportsman classes, which also run in separate motos. Signing up for two classes for the GP event gives you two laps of practice and four 30-minute motos. That’s over two hours of riding! So, come on out and join the fun.

Also, don’t forget about the Pitbike State Championship event that will be taking place at the Mason-Dixon GNCC. I did have quite a few folks reach out who are interested in forming a team, and please don’t think I’m ignoring you! We’ve just gained so much interest that we need to confirm the other teams who were waiting on a final answer before we add the final ones. So, be patient and we’ll get back to you guys soon! If you’re just now seeing this and interested in forming a team, drop me a line at [email protected]! The current confirmed Team Captains are as follows: 

Barry Hawk

West Virginia
Andrew Boggs

David Quillen

Chuck Lemaster

Fred Andrews

North Carolina
Tyler Shepardson

South Carolina
Randy Hawkins

Jamie Fox Vance 

Once we have the Captains finalized, we’ll make an announcement and will announce the team riders as they are finalized. Expect to see some smack talk involved, but this is all for fun and just bragging rights of who will become the Pitbike State Championship. Thanks again to our friends at Yamaha, and Motozilli Yamaha in Ohio, as well as Rocket Rob Buydos for making this happen! 

We’ll continue our rundown of the various points chases next week. Until then, we hope you have a great weekend and we’ll see you in New York!