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Quick Fill #21: This Week in GNCC

Quick Fill #21: This Week in GNCC

Thursday, June 27, 2019 | 4:30 PM
Thursday, June 27, 2019 | 4:30 PM

Welcome to Quick Fill. 

Wow, was that a great weekend of racing or what? I heard more than a few people comment that this was among the best Snowshoe events they’ve attended and we really got lucky with great weather all weekend long. Snowshoe is a unique event all in itself, but for several years now it’s been plagued with rainy weather at some point in the weekend. Other than a shower Thursday evening, and a few sprinkles earlier in the week, this year’s event stayed as dry as Snowshoe can be… Of course, there will always be mud at Snowshoe! 

The course ended up being a pretty tough one too as some Snowshoe veterans commented that this year’s event was probably the toughest since the first year of the event back in 2007. Even Steward Baylor popped into our staff dinner Sunday night and said, “you guys thought I was going to complain about the fast road, but I was glad to see it and have a little break!” Overall, it was a great weekend of racing on the mountain and definitely one to produce some great memories. 

We now turn our attention to our last event before summer break with the new High Voltage GNCC coming up next weekend. While this facility is new to GNCC Racing, it’s definitely no stranger to racing as the property has seen riding for many, many years and has hosted several local events. The landowner, Warren Lilly, is a long-time GNCC racer who’s name you can find near the top of the results going as far back as the early days of the Blackwater 100. This means it’s going to be a great facility that will welcome us with open arms. 

We’ll have some teasers on the track next week, as we’ll be full swing into getting everything ready. So stay tuned for that, as we’ll keep you updating on what to expect out of the venue. Something else cool this summer is the Action Offroad Camp that will be taking place at Moree’s Sportsman’s Preserve, home of the Camp Coker Bullet GNCC, July 25-28. This camp is geared for the ATV crowd and will have a slew of top GNCC talent helping direct the camp. Click HERE for more info! 

Once again, I had the chance to highlight some happenings at Snowshoe for our friends at Racer X. In this week’s article, it’s Five Things We Learned at the Snowshoe GNCC and topics include the tough course, Bad Luck for Bad Thad, the battle down to the finish and more! Check that out HERE for some additional reading this week. 

That’s going to do it for me this week. Ken is back this week with some various happenings he’s been keeping an eye out and I’ll be getting geared up to go check out the High Voltage property tomorrow. So, stay tuned and we could have some teasers on that new track very soon. Then of course, check back next week for the latest details on what to expect. Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you next week! 

Steward Baylor bet Kailub Russell $100 that he would beat him off the start at Snowshoe. When Kailub rounded the turn in first, he turned to Stu and essentially said
Steward Baylor bet Kailub Russell $100 that he would beat him off the start at Snowshoe. When Kailub rounded the turn in first, he turned to Stu and essentially said "pay up!" Ken Hill

Catching Up With Ken Hill (Ken Hill)

I don’t even really know where to start! Snowshoe sure seemed to me like the biggest ever and there was sure plenty to do. Maybe the best way to describe it is to break it all down piece by piece because for me, that was a huge puzzle to put together over the span of there days. 

The Yamaha GNCC University:
I rolled in just as the classes were completing in that thick misty fog that we all have come to expect at Snowshoe. I was hoping to get there the day before to capture some of the actual action but from the looks of it, it would have been a muddy good show! The riders ranged from the very young to folks who could be their grandparents, so diversity at the university was in full swing. The riders were dismissed and reported back in an hour for a catered lunch and the graduation ceremony. I could tell by the tired eyes that the instructors had made them work but the big bright smiles seemed to make all of the effort pale to what they could now enjoy. Kudos to Yamaha, the instructors and the folks that made this possible! 

The ISDE Golf Tournament:
The first year I covered this event within an event, I wasn’t really sure what to do. Lets face it; I am not a golfer. In fact I could easily be Bill Murray’s twin in Caddyshack! After a few years I know what to expect and just to have fun along with everyone else because as serious as some of these guys are, it’s a fun time and meant to be enjoyed. If you get too stuffy out there, a rowdy crew will over take you and turn your grimacing scowl into a cheesy grin in no time! Heck I had so much fun I don’t even know who won! The good food and fun times were just the start of another wild and wonderful weekend on the mountain. 

The Racing:
Well, I can’t recall a race where the youth classes on either day did not have crappy weather to contend with, however this year they caught a big break even if there was still plenty of slick mountain track to tame. Both days we all got to see some of the best in the world go at it and it makes me super proud seeing such strong talent and heart in the youth ranks. In a flash the 11AM ATV race was on the street and it indeed was nice having a break in between the two races, as Micros were not included in this round. Folks had a bit of time to visit the vendors and the shops as they awaited the start and there was a general good vibe floating around. The racing was great, the competition close and Snowshoe sent them home with some awesome memories and stories to share until next year! 

Sure enough, the clouds rolled in and the rain began to fall as the Pros took to the starting area. There was a grumble coming from everyone and it could have been really ugly but the rain never dumped on us, so thank the good Lord for that! Overall the racing here was great but keeping up with the two separate sides of the mountain can be overwhelming. So, I had to keep asking who was where and who was doing what. Walker Fowler laid down a nearly flawless race taking the win ahead of one hard charging Brycen Neal and wouldn’t you know, Chris Borich clawed his way to third as he has been on fire this season keeping the young riders on their marks! Now before you climb on me about an age reference, Chris isn’t old by any means, but he knows he has to work way harder to keep things tight especially when it gets this rough. It was great to see him back on the box! 

Howards Hole:
I am the only one dumb enough to go in there full bore and start capturing the action. I am sure someone else took photos, but we all looked the same after a few quads came ripping through that mess. There are loads of fun to be had down there and usually you can see things you don’t see at any other round. Even the State Troopers were all smiles as they dodged fans, quads and roost! It is an amazing display at times watching the mud fleas dive in and drag out a rider who did not make it through a section. I have seen them pick up a quad and carry it, rider and all to escape the rock-infested sections! 

Now our own Mikey Waynes made his inaugural trip to the hole this year and he got treated fairly by Jason Raines who saw he was staying way to clean and instantly got two large handfuls of mud applied to his chest. Mikey does need to learn one thing, do not walk around with your mouth agape even though it is quite the spectacle, that mud tastes horrible. Welcome to the “Hole” Mikey, just be warned, this was a tame year! 

The eMTB and festivities:
What a great turnout for the eMTB race! That had to be our biggest yet and quite possibly the most grueling course. The start was way cool and when it was over I ventured out to an uphill where I saw more panting and tongues wagging, heavy breathing and gasping for air than ever before. This was just on the first lap! That mountain air and the level of energy the riders were putting out was hammering them all, even superstar Charlie Mullins! I went on to capture all I could of the race and when the dust settled we had a new winner as Mullins had a mechanical issue that took him out of the race, leaving the door wide open for Christian Husband to take the win. The podiums were pretty fun to watch as those who earned a spot on the box told everyone how brutal it was and how excited they were to have just finished. Seems that gets said a lot about this race. 

Now I hustled off to try and get some work done and a hot shower before the evening festivities commenced. About thirty minutes into the concert, I turned the corner and what a crowd! The Davisson Brothers Band was jamming out to a stellar crowd who sure appeared to be living it up and that’s what its all about! Having great times with great people. I did not stay until the end, some of us run on sleep these days but from the ragged looks of a few of you, I am sure it was worth it. 

Russell and Baylor:
The banter between these two started on the golf course and they both were having loads of fun busting each other’s chops. It continued non-stop and even on the starting line we were laughing at the shenanigans. I took up my position to catch the first turn and the fun started right there as I could see Kailub motion something to Stew but wasn’t positive on what I had just caught. After the race I got a look at the pics and wow, what an awesome series of images of these two going wheel to wheel and having quite arguably the most fun during a race I have ever seen. It did not stop at the finish line as the two continued poking fun at each other and it was really good to see. The racing all day Sunday had been great and to have it capped by an insane last lap was just icing on the cake! 

That’s all from me, this week has gone by way to fast and I have to finish my work then head off to Unadilla for the ATVMX event this weekend. As always, be safe in all you do and may the good Lord continue to bless us all!