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Camp Coker Youth Bike Race Report

Camp Coker Youth Bike Race Report

Wednesday, April 24, 2019 | 5:50 PM
Wednesday, April 24, 2019 | 5:50 PM

Camp Coker Youth Bike Race Report
Cunningham and Mortez victorious at Camp Coker

The Camp Coker Bullet took place on April 14th and 15th. It was the fourth round of the 2019 AMSOIL Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Series, an AMA National Championship. This race is held at Moree’s Sportsman’s Preserve in Society Hill, South Carolina. Camp Coker has plenty of variety – all it lacks are hills and rocks, making it a stark contrast to the previous round at Steel Creek. 

Joseph Cunningham took home his fourth youth overall bike win of the season.
Joseph Cunningham took home his fourth youth overall bike win of the season. Ken Hill

The youth bike course was 5 miles according to the track map, the same length as it was last round, and the micro course was the same length as well, clocking in at 1.6 miles. A total of 137 youth riders and 46 micro riders competed at the Steele Creek GNCC. Out of those riders, JoJo Cunningham took his fourth straight overall youth win while Colby Goodman won the micro overall. 

Cunningham took an early lead in the YXC1 class, and was starting to pull away from second place rider Canon Kuneff by the second lap. However, Brayden Nolette was able to pass for second place on lap three and started running Cunningham down. Nolette made a pass on lap five, but was unable to make it stick, and he came up only 22 seconds short of the leader. While Kuneff came up pretty short of the lead pack, he finished comfortably in third. When asked about his race, Cunningham said “A mid-pack start had me pushing too hard to get to the front, and I wore myself out by the first couple laps. Happy to come away with my 4th straight overall of the season and be moving back into the dirt again.” 

Grant Davis earned third overall in the youth bike race in South Carolina.
Grant Davis earned third overall in the youth bike race in South Carolina. Ken Hill

Like Cunningham, Grant Davis has also had a perfect season thus far, picking up another YXC2 win at Camp Coker and finishing third overall again as well. Garyson Smith, who finished second in YXC2, took an early lead in the race and battled back-and-forth with Davis throughout the first three laps. After lap four Davis was able to keep Smith behind him. Smith was also forced to battle with Cooper Jones, who had been close behind most of the race but finally made a pass on lap four. Smith retook the second place position the next lap, and Smith took home a third place finish for the day.

The overall non-YXC rider in the bike youth race was Owen Barnes (KAW), racing in the 85 (12-13) class. He finished 13th overall. 

It was a tight battle between Colby Goodman and Hunter Porco in MXC1. While Goodman started out with the lead, Porco passed him on lap two. Porco led a majority of the race, extending his gap to nearly twenty seconds at its widest point. Going into the last lap though, he had a slim margin of just over one second, and Goodman was able to make the pass and take home the win. A little back from Goodman and Porco, Mason Tsakanikas and Caleb Wood were having a heated battle of their own, staying within just a handful of seconds for the last half of the race. Tsakanikas came out on top, and earned his first MXC1 podium of 2019.

Brayden Nolette came in second overall in the youth bike race.
Brayden Nolette came in second overall in the youth bike race. Ken Hill

While Colby Goodman won the overall and had a great ride, like most of the little kids, he was more interested in the other attractions that Camp Coker had to offer. He said “It was my favorite place that we’ve been to so far because they had a cool place to swim and ropes and towers to jump off of!’

Maddox Moretz placed 5th overall and won his third MXC2 race of the season at Camp Coker extending his lead over Nash Peerson in the points standings. Moretz came through the scoring zone in first place every lap, but Peerson stayed close, finishing only six seconds behind the leader. These two ridders actually lapped the competition, with third place Bently Saxon coming up one lap short. When asked about his race, Moretz said “I loved the sand and the small motocross section we got to ride in the 65cc race.”

The overall non-MXC rider in the bike micro race was Trent Gaines, competing in the 50 Sr. (6-11) class. He placed 8th overall.

The next round of the 2019 AMSOIL Grand National Cross Country Series will take place on May 4 and 5 in Peru, Indiana with the X-Factor Whitetails GNCC. ATV and Micro racing will take place on Saturday while Bike racing will take place on Sunday.

Colby Goodwin took the Micro overall win.
Colby Goodwin took the Micro overall win. Ken Hill

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Camp Coker GNCC
Society Hill, SC
Round 4 of 13
April 13th and 14th 

Bike YXC1 Race Results

  1. Joseph Cunningham (KTM)
  2. Brayden Nolette (KTM)
  3. Canon Kuneff (YAM)
  4. Dylan Hicks (KTM)
  5. Drew Calloway (HQV)

Bike YXC1 National Championship Standings

  1. Joseph Cunningham (KTM) 80
  2. Brayden Nolette (KTM) 75
  3. Drew Calloway (HQV) 63
  4. Canon Kuneff (SPE) 61
  5. Dylan Hicks (KTM) 59

Bike YXC2 Race Results

  1. Grant Davis (KAW)
  2. Garyson Smith (KYM)
  3. Cooper Jones (YAM)
  4. Jack Joy (KAW)
  5. Case Burton (YAM)

Bike YXC2 National Championship Standings

  1. Grant Davis (KAW) 80
  2. Cooper Jones (YAM) 75
  3. Nicholas Defeo (HON) 65
  4. Case Burton (YAM) 60
  5. Garyson Smith (KTM) 55

Bike MXC1 Race Results

  1. Colby Goodman (KTM)
  2. Hunter Porco (COB)
  3. Mason Tsakanikas
  4. Caleb Wood (KTM)
  5. Ashton Pelligrini (HQV)

Bike MXC1 National Championship Standings

  1. Colby Goodman (KTM) 76
  2. Caleb Wood (KTM) 70
  3. Hunter Porco (COB) 66
  4. Ashton Pellegrini (HQV) 61
  5. Brian Poindexter (KTM) 58 

Bike MXC2 Race Results                   

  1. Maddox Moretz (COB)
  2. Nash Peerson (KTM)
  3. Logan Schafer (KTM)
  4. Hayden Harper (COB)
  5. EJ Lingenfield (KTM)

Bike MXC2 National Championship Standings

  1. Maddox Moretz (COB) 79
  2. Nash Peerson (KTM) 77
  3. Bentley Saxon (KTM) 67
  4. Logan Shafer (KTM) 51
  5. EJ Lingenfield 49

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