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New Zealand's Rachel Archer to Race Mason-Dixon and Powerline Park GNCC

Tuesday, September 18, 2018 | 9:35 AM

Rachael Archer Cross-Country/Enduro Rider:
Goals, Success and More 2018-019 Season

NZ’s Rachael Archer is a force to be reckoned with, on and off the track. The gutsy Cross-Country/Enduro rider has more courage, determination and commitment to achieve her racing goals than many 16 year olds still at school, producing successful results in NZ and offshore.

Having already secured National U 17 Cross-Country/Enduro Title in 2017, Rachael made history by winning 2018 National Cross-Country Championship U 200cc 2-stroke class, the first female to win, ever.

Stepping up to race Australia’s Hattah Desert Race on her FC 250F in July, Rachael pulled another podium Overall 2nd place in Women’s class, amping up her campaign to race USA GNCC Rounds later this year.

The down-to-earth Archer, has her racing career goals fixed, locked even as a natural progression from growing up riding on the family’s farm, south of Te Awamutu.

Training on the undulating property has been the perfect platform for learning terrain race-craft along with family support, all the while juggling her final school year studies in preparation for gaining a Race/Team ride in the States for 2019 Season.

An inspiration to all, Rachael commands respect on and off the track for her tenacious spirit to race all terrain, to win against odds, and to push boundaries on what can be achieved in Motorsport.

This film edit was shot with Rachael and family at their home property farm. Special thanks to Rachael, Kevin and Lynn, and camera filming by James Bennell.