GNCC Racing

Ryan Sipes Powerline Park Race Report

Monday, October 9, 2017 | 3:30 PM

Coming off a win last round in West Virginia, I was looking forward to running up front again this weekend.  Powerline Park GNCC is usually a track I like, and although it is super slick and tricky, for some reason I have had fun there and done well.  This year was a little different!

Ken Hill

A lot of rain fell the night before the race, so I expected slippery conditions tried to adjust my riding accordingly.  I didn't get the best of starts, but by the end of the first lap I was up to fifth and gaining fast on the guys in front of me.  I felt great!  And then I crashed.  And crashed again.  And again.  After the third or fourth crash I thought, "I'll slow down a little and stay on two wheels."  Didn't happen.  I felt like a beginner out there and fell down probably 10 more times by the end of the race.  I finished 8th.

Ken Hill

I am not sure why I rode so bad, but I know I'm gonna do my homework these next three weeks and come back better at Ironman.  I'm bummed about this finish but it is extra motivation to put in the time and improve.  Thanks to all my sponsors for giving me an awesome program.  We will be back!