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Coastal Racing ATV Team Report: Snowshoe GNCC

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 | 10:20 AM

Round 8 of the Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Series took place over the weekend atop West Virginia's Snowshoe Mountain Resort for arguably the roughest and toughest race of the season. The Coastal Racing/Answer/Maxxis/Waynesburg Yamaha ATV Team survived the chaos to earn two top-five finishes with Brycen Neal capturing 4th overall and Drew Landers salvaging a 3rd place finish in the College A (16-21) class despite some last lap issues with the brutal course.

The Snowshoe GNCC provides a unique live-engine start with riders lining up in rows of five based on their overall championship standings. Thus, Brycen Neal lined up on the front row alongside the fastest racers in the country, while Landers started only three rows back alongside many XC1 and XC2 riders in Row 4.


Neal began the race in a top five position as he navigated his way through the opening lap of the brutal Snowshoe course. From there, Neal continued to climb his way up with every passing mile until he reached the 2nd place position with one lap to go, where he ran the second fastest time of that lap. 

Neal put forth a solid ride amidst the tough conditions.
Neal put forth a solid ride amidst the tough conditions. Ken Hill

With big momentum behind him, Neal continued to charge his way to a podium finish on the final lap until he reached the infamous "Howard's Hole" section. Neal ended up getting stuck in the mud hole, losing valuable time at the end of the race. Neal eventually got back and going to finish the race in 4th overall on the time adjustment.

"The Snowshoe track this year was super gnarly," Neal said. "I moved my way into 2nd place and had a nice little gap on the latter half of the race but with a mile to go I got stuck in the infamous Howard's Hole. I ended up finishing 3rd physically but 4th overall on the time adjustment. More than ready for the racing to come back home to my Ohio soil!"

With five rounds remaining in the season, Neal sits 4th overall in the XC1 Pro Championship Standings.

College A (16-21)

Landers shot off the line to capture the holeshot on Row 4 where he entered the woods ahead of the other riders in his row. On the time adjustment, Landers settled into the 2nd place position on the opening lap as he worked hard to tighten the gap on the class leader.

Landers shot off the line to grab an impressive start at Snowshoe.
Landers shot off the line to grab an impressive start at Snowshoe. Ken Hill

The Tennessee native ran into a few setbacks along the way as massive bottle necks caused him to lose time in the early parts of the race. Landers then ran into an issue toward the end of the race when he hit a tree with his nerf bar, causing him to have to return to the pits for a repair. Despite a valiant effort by the Coastal Racing Team, Landers wasn't able to return to the course before the end of the race. However, due to the brutal track conditions, only two riders in the College A class completed the final lap, which allowed Landers to assume the 3rd place position after running 2nd for the rest of the race.

"I started in the fourth row as the only A rider amongst the top 20 overall XC1 and XC2 riders and my Coastal Racing machine shot off the line like a bullet putting me in the lead position for my row," Landers said. "I pushed and got into the mix with other rows right off the bat into the woods but around 2 miles into the race bottlenecks began to become a huge issue, causing me to get stuck and lose a lot of time not only in the overall but in my class as well. I charged all day long while trying to pick my way through the messy track. On the last lap, bad luck struck and left me with a torn radiator hose due to a tree coming through my nerf bar. I immediately made my way back to the pits to attempt a repair to finish the race but we sadly didn't make it back to the track in time. Special thanks to my mechanic Tyler King for trying to get me up and going again."

It was a tough day of racing for Eli Kiger, who ran into issues on the opening lap that set him back to the 14th place position after lap one. From there, Kiger climbed his way into the 11th place position by lap three but unfortunately wasn't able to continue on for the remainder of the race. 

Kiger ran into bad luck on the opening lap amidst the chaos.
Kiger ran into bad luck on the opening lap amidst the chaos. Ken Hill

Landers continues to sit in the 2nd place position in the College A Championship Standings, while Kiger holds the 4th place position in the standings.

Next Event: GNCC Round 9 - July 8, 2017

Results from the Snowshoe GNCC - Saturday, June 24, 2017

XC1 Pro ATV Results

  1. Walker Fowler
  2. Kevin Yoho
  3. Chris Borich
  4. Brycen Neal (YAM)

College A (16-21) ATV Results

  1. John Glauda Jr.
  2. Kalab Hagan
  3. Drew Landers (YAM)
  4. Eli Kiger (YAM)

Overall ATV Championship Standings

  1. Walker Fowler (235)
  2. Adam McGill (159)
  3. Chris Borich (133)
  4. Brycen Neal (130)
  5. Jarrod McClure (121)

College A (16-21) ATV Championship Standings

  1. John Glauda Jr. (140)
  2. Drew Landers (129)
  3. Boedy Lamoreaux (105)
  4. Eli Kiger (104)
  5. Tanner Walker (99)