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Multiple KR4 Podiums on Snowshoe Mountain

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 | 10:20 AM

The Rocky Mountain ATV*MC / KR4 Arrive-N-Ride / Husqvarna Team Races America's Toughest Race 

The world's fastest off-road motorcycle racers showed up to race Snowshoe Mountain on Sunday June 25th, for the 11th annual AMSOIL Snowshoe GNCC.

The Blackwater 100, which was known as “America's Toughest Race,” back in the day, the Snowshoe GNCC is the ultimate test for any racer that enters the 3 hour event. The soil at Snowshoe is a black loamy dirt mixed with some of the most grueling rock and root sections in West Virginia.   Weather is always a factor when planning to tackle the nearly 5,000 elevation on Snowshoe Mountain.   The West Virginia famous race is known for being one of the most challenging races on the entire 13-round circuit, of the 2017 AMSOIL Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Series presented by Maxxis, an AMA National Championship.  

Huge Crowds Line The Streets Of Snowshoe Every Year for
Huge Crowds Line The Streets Of Snowshoe Every Year for "America's Toughest Race" Ken Hill
Tayla Jones Takes the Lead On The Final Lap To Win Snowshoe
Tayla Jones Takes the Lead On The Final Lap To Win Snowshoe Ken Hill
WXC Podium (left to right): Becca Sheets (2), Tayla Jones (1), Brooke Cosner (3).
WXC Podium (left to right): Becca Sheets (2), Tayla Jones (1), Brooke Cosner (3). Ken Hill

Tayla Jones gets the win at Snowshoe and is one step closer to winning her first GNCC Championship.

Snowshoe was tough but I am happy to be able to pull off another win in the crazy conditions. I got the hole-shot but ended up going down early on the first lap putting me back to third. I knew the track was going to be challenging so I just rode smart over the next couple of laps slowly catching up and then I moved into 1st on the last ap. The track was definitely one of the harder ones I've raced especially with all of the bottlenecks out there. -- Tayla Jones 

Grant Baylor ripping up one of Snowshoe Ski Slopes.
Grant Baylor ripping up one of Snowshoe Ski Slopes. Ken Hill

XC1 Pro Rider Grant Baylor suffered damaged to a radiator hose during the race and had to stop multiple times to have coolant added to finish the race. Grant ended up finishing 6th and 7th overall for the day.        

Hunter Neuwirth gets his third podium at Snowshoe GNCC this year.
Hunter Neuwirth gets his third podium at Snowshoe GNCC this year. KR4

Hunter Neuwirth scores another podium this weekend and ended up finishing 2nd in the FMF XC3 class. 

I'm stoked to get another 2nd podium today! I've been working real hard training each week and I know I can win one of this races. The course was a tough one my Husqvarna TC125. I had to stop for another wheel mid-race because I broke some spokes in my rear wheel. My dad and Aaron Evans replaced my wheel and had me in and out of the pits pretty fast -- Hunter Neuwirth

Conner Keegan 5th in 4-Stroke A-Lites.
Conner Keegan 5th in 4-Stroke A-Lites. Ken Hill

Conner Keegan continues to improve his results each race and ended the day with his best career finish with a 40th Overall finish and 2nd in 4 Stroke A Lites class. 

The track was probably the toughest track this year, the trails were real rocky and the rest of the track was very fast. I'm pleased with my finish and I'm ready for the John Penton - Conner Keegan  

KR4's Canadian Rider Troy Horbaty.
KR4's Canadian Rider Troy Horbaty. KR4

Troy Horbaty made his way to the US this weekend to battle on Snowshoe Mountain in the 85cc (7-11) class. Troy had a mid pack start and ended the race finishing 4th in the highly competitive class.

The track was very rocky and wide open.   I'm happy with my results and I know I can break the top 3 again like X-Factor - Troy Horbaty   

Another podium finish for Brandon Keegan this weekend as he finished 3rd in the 200B Class.
Another podium finish for Brandon Keegan this weekend as he finished 3rd in the 200B Class. Ken Hill

KR4 Arrive-N-Ride Team Results 

  • Grant Baylor - XC1 - 6th Place
  • Scott Grills - XC1 -12th Place
  • Hunter Neuwirth - XC3 - 2nd Place
  • Tayla Jones - WXC - 1st Place
  • Conner Keegan - 4 Stroke A Lites - 2nd Place
  • Colin Keegan - 4 Stroke A Lites - 8th Place
  • Bill Gold - Silver Master A (55+) - 3rd Place
  • Logan Cooke - Sportsman A - 29th Place
  • Chase Sweda - 250B - 10th Place
  • Brandon Keegan - 200B - 3rd Place
  • Ambrocio Gutierrez - Sportsman B - 48th Place
  • Brian Stanis - Senior C (40+) - 6th Place
  • Maximo Gutierrez - 200C Schoolboy (12-15) - 7th Place
  • Troy Horbaty - 85cc (7-11) - 4th Place
  • Jeremy Skinner - Supermini Sr. (14-15) - 11th Place

Snowshoe Honeymoon 

KR4 Grassroots rider, Brian Stanis decided he would include the Snowshoe GNCC in his honeymoon plans this year. Brian & Amanda Stanis were married a week ago and showed up for an Arrive-N-Ride experience before they head for a week of relaxing in the mountains of Tennessee. Brian finished 6th in the Senior C (40+) out of 23 riders. Pretty impressive finish. 

Just wanted to thank the whole crew at KR4 for the awesome weekend. My wife Amanda and I just got married so this is the start of our honeymoon. I knew the only way I was able to race snowshoe on my honeymoon was to enlist the help from Frank. So our plan was to race snowshoe and then leave Monday morning to head down to the smoky mountains in TN. With that being said, the whole weekend was flawless and I didn't have to worry about my bike, pitting, and everything was taken care of. I would definitely use these guys again and their professionalism is next to a factory team -- Brian Stanis 

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