GNCC Racing

A Word From The X-Factor Owner

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 | 6:15 PM

This weekend we hosted what very well may go down in history as one of the muddiest GNCC’s of the series. That said, adversity brings out character and leadership in which GNCC displayed a grand amount of it during and after the clash with Mother Nature. We were confident that they would restore the property to its original beauty so that hunters and racers could continue to enjoy our place for years to come and they didn’t let us down. The property is looking great already. Hats off to the crew for doing such a great job restoring the property!

We are a hunting preserve first and a motorsports facility second, so we look to the racing community to spread the word and join us for the hunt of a lifetime inside our 1200 acre hunting preserve. As long as we see support on the hunting side, we will be able to continue running and perfecting the racing side of our business. We strongly feel that this could continue to be a great fit as we share your passion for racing just as much as we love hunting and being around the largest whitetail deer in the world.

We would like to thank all the riders, their families and the spectators who came out and embraced the challenging conditions. You all deserve a trophy in our book. 

A special congratulations to Thad Duvall and Johnny Gallagher along with their families, teams and sponsors for taking home those amazing trophies made from the racks off of two of the most distinguished deer to ever walk the earth, Max Factor and X Factor- well deserved my friends.

We also want to thank Spykes KTM and IXCR for their role in making this GNCC race possible. IXCR will be running their XC Factor Race at our facility on July 15-16, 2017. Be sure to pre-register for that great event.

This weekend Mother Nature showed us what it’s like to run in the worst conditions. Lets hope that NEXT YEAR we will get a dose of her best conditions.  Until next year, so long from the X Factor Ranch

Travis W. May, Co- Owner
X Factor Motorsports

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Travis W. May at (317-395-3835) or email at [email protected]