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KR4's Tayla Jones Takes WXC 1st Place Again at Moose Racing Wild Boar GNCC

Thursday, March 16, 2017 | 4:15 PM

Round two of the Amsoil Grand National Cross Country series took to the sands of Palatka, Florida at the Rodman Plantation  this weekend.

The Moose Racing Wild Boar began on Friday evening with a GNCC community dinner presented by Moose Racing and the KR4 team attended. On Saturday, members of the KR4 team also participated in the photo shoot for the 2018 Moose Racing catalog. The riders that are being featured are Tayla Jones, Colin Keegan, Grant Baylor, Jesper Borjesson, Troy Horbaty, Chase Sweda, Conner Keegan, Hunter Williams, and Brandon Keegan. 

On Sunday, the mini's took off and the day began with our Canadian rider, Troy Horbaty riding his Husqvarna TC85 to complete his best overall finish of his GNCC career, 18th.

Troy Horbaty finished in 5th place in the 85 (7-11) class.
Troy Horbaty finished in 5th place in the 85 (7-11) class. Provided

At the 10am start, it started to cloud up a bit but the weather held off long enough to give Tayla Jones the traction she needed to get another great start in the Women's Pro class and grab the hole shot at the Wild Boar. She quickly pulled a one minute lead over the entire race and by the finish,Tayla Jones beat the entire field of all the riders and won the overall for this race. Also in the WXC class, on a Husqvarna TC125, was 15 year old Rachael Archer from New Zealand. Rachael battled strong and finished 4th for the day and 9th overall. Be on the lookout for this up and coming WXC rider as she is only 15 years old and a fierce competitor.

Tayla Jones First Place WXC 
Tayla Jones First Place WXC  Provided

The skies grew dark for the start of the 1pm Pro race and by the end of that lap, it was pouring rain and creating terrain challenges for the riders.

XC1 rider, Grant Baylor, suffered problems and ran out of fuel but managed to capture an 8th place finish. Jesper Börjesson in the XC2 class, is still suffering flu symptoms and ended up with a mid pack finish. In the XC3 class, Hunter Neuwirth finished 5th and is still battling an injury from the last Full Gas Sprint Enduro. 

In the 4-Stroke A class, Colin Keegan had another great race and finished in 3rd place. KR4 riders Conner Keegan and Hunter Williams were also in this class and finished 11th and 12th respectively. 

Other riders and their placement for the Wild Boar were:

Bill Gold finished 3rd in the Silver Masters A 55+ class.

Ben Rubio, an AnR customer from Alaska, won 2nd in the Super Vet C 35+ class.

Esteban Naveda and David Espinosa are AnR riders from Columbia, South America and they competed in the Vet B 30+ class finishing 2nd and 6th respectively.

Chase Sweda smoked the 250B class on his Husqvarna TC250, winning the class by over 13 minutes. Chase ended up 88th overall. 

Chase Sweda 1st place in 250B
Chase Sweda 1st place in 250B Provided
Brandon Keegan finished 3rd in the highly competitive 200B class. 
Brandon Keegan finished 3rd in the highly competitive 200B class.  Provided

Grass Roots Riders for the Wild Boar GNCC Race:
Jeremy Skinner finished 20th in the Super Mini 14-15 class
Al Chuppa finished 5th in the Elite Masters 65+ class
Hank Hays finished 10th in the 200A class

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