GNCC Racing

Journal Review: County Ready to Welcome Race Fans

Monday, October 24, 2016 | 6:20 PM

Local residents can expect to see a lot of increased traffic in Crawfordsville this week with the 22nd Annual Amsoil Ironman scheduled for this weekend. Last year over 20,000 race fans attended the event at Ironman Raceway making it the largest GNCC event in the United States and this year’s attendance is expected to be ever bit as big.

Once again, area motels and hotels are filling up for the weekend. Other businesses such as the convenient stores, restaurants and grocery stores are expecting increased business. The campground at Ironman Raceway, owned by the Tom Shaver family, will be full with GNCC workers arriving as early as Tuesday.

Holiday Inn Express manager Paul Parry said his hotel is sold out as are other local hotels. Parry said the business that Shaver family brings to Crawfordsville is important to the local visitors economy.

“This area owes the Shaver family a great deal of thanks for what they have done at the track and for all the people they bring to Montgomery County,” Parry. 

Race fans will start arriving on Thursday when they start lining up to enter the track when the gates open at 9 a.m. Friday.

Shaver family member Lori Shaver said there have been some features added to the two-day event. GNCC promotes breast cancer awareness each year at the race. Southmont High School’s FFA will be at the track raising funds for Faith Alliance, a local breast cancer awareness organization.  

National pride will be on display with a special presentation that has international implications. The International Six Days Enduro (ISDE), the longest-running team world championship in off-road motorcycling, took place Oct. 11-16 in Navarra, Spain. For the first time in history the team from the United States won the race. Race Director Tim Cotter will present the ISDE trophy to the winning team members and to the country during a celebration recognizing the world championship.

“This ISDE championship is really a big deal,” Shaver said. “I have seen the trophy and we want to celebrate the fact the United States won this year’s race. We think our race fans are going to be excited to celebrate with the winning team members.”

This is the third and final motocross event to be held this year at Ironman Raceway. Earlier this year, Crawfordsville Main Street introduced the social media hashtag #motoville for any motorsport event that happens in Crawfordsville. The hashtag is being used by race fans internationally for Instagram and Twitter accounts. Anyone can search the hashtag to view images throughout the weekend.