GNCC Racing

Team UXC Race Report: Camp Coker Bullet GNCC

Monday, May 9, 2016 | 1:05 PM

In a very hot and humid South Carolina lies a gem of a venue; Moree’s Sporting Reserve. The track laid out by the GNCC team was fast going with grass track sections, some woods and also incorporated the MX track at the venue. The terrain was sandy and while the track looked good on inspection, it was sure to rut up with every lap. With many wide open sections, Pro 4x4 riders, Michael Swift and Kevin Trantham, were keen to put the Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 to the test. They got off the line mid pack, but moved their way up during the first and second lap, running 2nd and 3rd. However, after getting caught in traffic, they dropped back. Mechanical trouble left Trantham unable to continue, but Swift lit up the Maxxis shod OMF Performance Product wheels and brought home a strong 3rd; reeling in 1st and 2nd but running out of laps to catch them. 

4x4 Senior rider, Graham Widdicombe, battled the whole way to the checkers finishing in 4th after running nose to tail with the 3rd place rider. 4x4 A/B rider, Jeff Wright looked more at home in the fast going and delivered an 11th place finish in a very competitive group. Both riders said they were impressed with the way their Polaris Scrambler 850XP’s performed. The entire package put together by Swift has delivered strong finishes for them. In the youth race, Tayton Swift had a barnstorming ride going from 8th to 4th. This superb result places him in a strong 5th in the championship. 

The SSXC Polaris Ace race line up is going from strength to strength with a consistent field at each round and their own track marker too. After a challenging start, Torey Rush put his head down and pushed to get up front. With only one lap on the MX track for the Polaris Ace’s, Rush was sure to take advantage of his skills here. He made enough passes to put him up front and in the best place to put it in the centre of the box. Unfortunately, it was not his day but he still put it on the podium with a strong 2nd place. Rush said that “the Polaris Ace performed awesome in the deep sand. My Maxxis tires made it happen today.” Becky Widdicombe had her own battles in the middle of the pack and came home in 7th position, putting her 5th in the series championship. 

The final race of the day saw the Polaris RZR XP1000’s of Swift and Trantham line up on the 2nd row of XC-1 Pro’s. They got a mid pack start and got stuck in moving up the order. Running nose to tail again for most of the race, Trantham got past Swift only to catch a tree on the last lap causing too much damage to continue but giving a 13th place finish. Swift brought the Custom Axis Shocks backed RZR XP1000 to the checkers in 8th position. Swift said he was happy with the way the RZR handled saying that “The shocks that Custom Axis have engineered performed flawlessly in the deep and rough ruts of the South Carolina sand.” Although disappointed with his luck on the day, Trantham said he will be back stronger than ever at the next round. 

It was a day that delivered some strong results for Team UXC Racing’s riders. They take their strong momentum on to the next round. The terrain of Limestone is more rocky with some tight tracks, fast flowing trails and hill climbs. A complete contrast to the Camp Coker Bullet! We thank our sponsors for their support and the quality product that make our machines race-proven. See you in Springville, IN for Round 6.