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John Barnes and Phillip McGhee, JR Capture 9th Place in XC1 Pro at Wild Boar GNCC

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 | 10:40 AM

NAC Racing experienced a tough day at the GNCC Season opener in Palatka, Florida but despite the challenges, the team captured a top-ten finish in the XC1 Pro Side-by-Side Class. 

Team driver John Barnes and his co-pilot Philip McGhee began round one on the second row, based off their National No. 8 finish from 2015. As the green flag dropped, Barnes powered his Polaris RZR to the first corner, where he battled back and forth with the group. By the end of lap one, the duo had made their way around everyone on start row two, and most of row one. As they headed into lap two, Barnes was physically third on the track behind defending champion Kyle Chaney and Tim Farr.

John Barnes and Phillip McGhee powered through the Florida sands.
John Barnes and Phillip McGhee powered through the Florida sands. Photo: Ken Hill

By the end of lap two, the team had pushed into second place physically, making a great line selection to pass Tim Farr in a tight section of the woods. However, they soon experienced an unfortunate incident that forced them to pull over and replace a belt. 

"About one mile into the third lap, we destroyed the belt," Barnes commented. "Luckily we had an extra belt in the glove compartment so we pulled over and changed the belt, losing about ten minutes with the time change." 

Despite the setback, the team was able to charge back to a 9th place finish in the highly competitive XC1 Pro Class and 12th overall at the opening round. Barnes will start on row two at the second round, after gaining valuable points in the championship standings. 

"The Polaris machine really flowed well through the tighter parts of the woods, which gave us a big advantage," Barnes added. "I am confident that we would have had a podium finish if we did not have the belt failure."

The Florida track also lent itself to some muddier sections and deep ruts.
The Florida track also lent itself to some muddier sections and deep ruts. Photo: Ken Hill

The team would like to extend a big thanks to our sponsors: STI Tire & Wheel/ Roctane HD tires gripped extremely well and allowed us to have an advantage, the OMF wheels held up great under the torture we put it through, the Yokley Racing suspension handled amazingly throughout the whole race, the Super ATV components allowed us to get through the race with their products holding up 100 percent, SSI did a great job on all the decal package. A special thanks to New Appearance Cabinet for making it possible to get to the events and Total Medical Solutions for putting the program together. The trailer wrap looks incredible provided by CCAD. 

Next round: GNCC Round 4 - April 16 in Union, South Carolina 

XC1 Pro UTV Results


  1. Cody Miller
  2. Jason Luburgh
  3. Jamie McCoy
  4. Michael Swift
  5. Jerry Boling
  6. Kyle Chaney
  7. Treavis Poynter
  8. Bob Nether
  9. John Barnes (POL)


Overall Championship Standings

  1. Cody Miller (30)
  2. David Plavi (25)
  3. Jason Luburgh (21)
  4. Jamie McCoy (18)
  5. Michael Swift (16)
  6. Jerry Boling (15)
  7. Joe Krcelich (14)
  8. Bryan Riggs (13)
  9. Kyle Chaney (12)
  10. Treavis Poynter (11)
  11. Bob Nether (10)
  12. John Barnes (9)