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Tuesday Toolbox: Adam McGill

Tuesday Toolbox: Adam McGill

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 | 2:55 PM
Tuesday, February 23, 2016 | 2:55 PM

Adam McGill has always brought certain energy to the GNCC Racing Series! He’s quick witted, mischievous, plain spoken and downright fast! He came out of the gate charging hard last year and racked up three wins on his way to earning the #2 plate. This was by far Adam’s best season, so caught up with the fun-loving ATV Pro. Hi Adam! What are you up to today?
Adam McGill: Just putting some things away in the shop, getting ready for a new season!   

First, I just want to congratulate you on a great season! I know you had high expectations and there were probably moments of frustrations, but you came out swinging and really put together an incredible year!
Thank you. Yeah, it had its moments. But the past is the past. We are making ourselves better and everything is looking toward the 2016 season. I’m not going to dwell on the past!

McGill came off the line charging in the 2015 season, earning the #2 plate.(Note: McGill will still run #521)Photo: Ken Hill
McGill came off the line charging in the 2015 season, earning the #2 plate.(Note: McGill will still run #521)Photo: Ken Hill

No, but you can learn from the past! So what was the lesson learned in 2015 that you will carry forward this year?
[Laughs] Don’t be a puss!

I can’t think of one time that anyone would ever accuse you of being a wimp!
No, but there were times that I could have pushed a little harder. Consistency was our downfall last year. If the machine stayed together, we were top three. But there were times I maybe could have pushed from 2nd place for the win but maybe held back a little bit because I didn’t want to break it. You have to push, but it’s a double-edged sword. I’ve just decided that I don’t care anymore! I’m almost 29. 2016 is a new season. We’ll give it everything we’ve got and if we break down six times, then we break down while trying to win ‘em!    

Can’t argue with that! But if you are turning 29 this year, that means you’ve been at this thing for a while?
Yeah, been coming after this thing since about 2006 I guess? My first season with GNCC was 2005 and I was in the Pro Am class. I did some races in 2004, but not enough to qualify for points, so there was never an “A” Class, “B” Class or any of that. Once I was here, I was serious and did manage to win the Pro Am class that year. It was pretty convincing and I landed on the overall podium once, so my dad kicked me out of the class two races before the season was over and said, “We’re going pro!” I was like, “Come on!” But he’s always said “If you’re gonna get faster, you gotta ride with faster riders.” He’s right. It wasn’t until 2008 that we took our first win and we’ve been working hard ever since.

No doubt! And that hard work is evident. What were you doing before GNCC days?
Well, back in the late 80’s, early 90’s, my dad raced stock cars and we were into that until about 2001. But it was wearing us out. We’d be in the garage 4 or 5 nights a week getting ready to race for 2 nights. We were running ragged. Finally, my dad handed me the helmet and said, “You wanna drive this thing?” I was like, “No!” And he was like, “What do you want to do then?” I said, “I want to race my four wheeler.” He was fine with that and so we went racing!

Where was your first ever race?
I did a local Paul Koontz race and entered the “C” Class. I pulled the holeshot and got nervous. Of course, I let everyone by! And then I got back around and was leading the thing but there was a hillclimb. I’d been doing it all race but decided to go around and ended up running up a bank. I finished third. My dad pulled me out of “C” Class after that and made me ride Pro! I was like, “Can’t I get a break” and that’s when he started in with “If you want to be better, you gotta ride with better guys!”

McGill and Fowler battled down to the season finale for the 2015 GNCC ATV Championship. Photo: Ken Hill
McGill and Fowler battled down to the season finale for the 2015 GNCC ATV Championship. Photo: Ken Hill

He’s got a point!
Yeah, and we rode Pro in that series and won, so he was right! We did do a few nationals that year and I remember going to the John Penton and leading the Open A in the mud. But I broke down on the first lap. We did Sparta, KY on my trusty EX400 and won that. Then second at Matthew’s Farm and were Pro Am after that. So that’s what I was getting at earlier: My only full year’s to contend for GNCC championships were either Pro Am or Pro. It’s been a heck of a ride!

We’re proud to have you! And really proud of your success this past year!
Yeah, we’ve always been a podium contender and have had a handful of them along the way, but nothing like this year. I feel I’ve really come into my own and with my age, the following I have, all the support I have, I just couldn’t be more happy than with how things are! It’s tough as a privateer. But I’ve had some great people behind me and some more came onboard this year. People comment that, “You sure have a lot of sponsors!” But that’s what it takes! I’m very thankful and very humbled that so many people would rally behind me. Everyone plays apart. And I’m fortunate that I have had some factory support behind me in the past and I learned a great deal from them!

That’s right! You haven’t always been a Red Rider!
Well, I started on a Honda and I’m on one now! But I did get a couple years with KTM and two more with Can-Am and I really appreciate the time spent with each of those companies. It was a big learning curve to go from a 9-5 and have the support at the track. I learned that you are worth a higher dollar amount the more you work. So now I understand that even though it’s a shoestring budget, there’s work to be done and a way to promote the people behind you. I didn’t have to go back to a 9-5. I’m here doing what I need to do to pursue a championship. And it’s tight, but I’m committed and results are showing!

I have to say; you’ve done a good job with the social media marketing!
Yeah! You have to keep it interesting! I have almost 13,000 Instagram followers. Facebook is maxed out. We have a McGill Mafia Page and Twitter account. It’s fun! It’s always nice to stay connected. People will comment and lend their support. It’s always cool to see what they are up to, as well.

How can our readers follow you online if they aren’t doing so already?
Instagram is probably the best: Adam_McGill521. They can also check out Adam McGill on Facebook or “like” the McGill Mafia page.

McGill has welcomed some new sponsors to his team effor this season. Photo: Ken Hill
McGill has welcomed some new sponsors to his team effor this season. Photo: Ken Hill

You mentioned a couple minutes ago that you had some new sponsors come on board this year?
Yes! Moose Racing approached me. Those guys are great! They have a phenomenal product. They opened their arms to me and made me a great offer. I really appreciate those guys. Alco Cleaners came on this year. I mean the Ride Red bikes don’t really need too much cleaning because we just hover over the mud holes! But once in a while, someone will splash something on you when you’re passing them and the Alco Cleaner really works to keep the bike shining! Renegade Fuels signed on this year. I’m really happy about that! My Honda does have a drinking problem, so it’s nice to have a fuel company that can help quench the thirst! Bel Ray Lubricants jumped on. They’re a great company with great product. An interesting new addition this year is Induction Solutions. They are actually a nitrous company! It’s pretty neat to branch into a different market with someone outside the industry. They have some innovative ideas that can help and I think we’ll raise some eyebrows on pro row this year! CST Tires is back and we’ve been working with them to develop a new tire. Of course, Lonestar, Custom Axis Shocks and Baldwin…all longtime supporters.

We are looking forward to you having a great year. Out of curiosity, are you at home in West Virginia? Or did you make the pilgrimage down to Florida?
Well, if you are looking online, you’d think that only Johnny [Gallagher], Chris [Borich], Walker [Fowler] and Cole [Richardson] are down here! But I’ve been here since January 3rd. I have been doing some riding with Jay Shadron, Hunter Hart and Zac Zakowski. We’ve been pounding laps and working hard at Croom Riding Area. That’s “#CroomLife”! Make sure everyone checks them out! I’ve also done a riding school down here and looking forward to a couple more as the season gets going!

That’s right! I heard you might be doing a school in Arkansas?
Yes, the weekend after the Georgia race. I think the school is almost filled up but there are a couple spots left. Then I’m planning to do one in May up at the Tomahawk track. That’ll probably be May 5-7. I’ve really enjoyed getting to do these schools. It’s a way to give back and also promote the people who stand behind me.

Alright, before I let you go, what are your goals for 2016?
Get married, keep a roof over my woman’s head, and buy the puppies some toys, treats and lots of squeaky things!

McGill found himself on the top spot of the podium three times last season.Photo: Ken Hill
McGill found himself on the top spot of the podium three times last season.Photo: Ken Hill

Haha! Do you have any racing goals?!
Oh that! Yeah. I have racing goals. But the real important thing is that racing comes and goes. The family, the wife, and the two fur children…they’re there for you no matter what. Good or bad, family is first. I’ve always done racing as a family and now on August 5th I get to marry the love of my life and that’s the number one priority. As for racing, I want to be modest and humble, but I will say that my intention is to at least do what we did last year and try to better it! I need to not have 2 DNFs. So to sum it up, I want to finish every race, buy squeaky toys and supply my wife with nice things!

Well-said Adam! Who would you like to thank?
Here's a list of Instagram names:

@mlmacd @fmf73 @csttiresusa @hiperracing @inductionsolutions @officialmooseracing  @worksconnection @spidergraphix @derisi_racing @fasstcompany @tireblocksofficial @bel_raycompany @vanillagorilla557 @quadtech256 @getitperformance @imsproducts @odigrips @lonestarracing1 @fmflild @rylandjohnsonracing @worksconnection @imsproducts @baldwin_motors @cv4powersports @stevejohnson2x @scottmotosports  @officialleatt @uppracing @streamline_brakes @dpbrakes  #maier @twin_air  @dirtworksmotorsports @sunstar_ea @piratemx1 @dynamic_graphics_apparel @wisecopistonsinc @evanscoolant @boyesenfactoryracing @alcocleaners @loudperformanceproducts@_renegaderacing #rghonda