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Quick Fill #37: This Week in GNCC

Quick Fill #37: This Week in GNCC

Thursday, September 24, 2015 | 2:10 PM
Thursday, September 24, 2015 | 2:10 PM

Welcome to Quick Fill.

Well, the summer break is now officially over and once again the Parts Unlimited Unadilla GNCC did not disappoint! With a whopping total of 2,220 racers competing throughout the weekend, Unadilla was once again a great way to return from summer break. It also seems like most racers really enjoyed this year’s Unadilla course as well. I heard more than a few racers say that it was one of the best Unadilla tracks they’ve ever ridden, so hopefully next year is even better!

The course wasn’t the only thing that made for a great weekend; the racing itself was pretty darn awesome as well. It was another one of those races where you realize just how special the sport of off-road racing is. From Adam McGill and crew pushing his machine roughly 7/10ths of a mile to the finish, to Kailub Russell charging from behind to finish 4th and wrap up his 3rd consecutive GNCC National Championship, there’s no doubt that it was a Unadilla to remember.

One downside to Unadilla is it also serves as a reminder that the season is beginning to wind down. With just 3 rounds remaining, the 2015 season will be coming to an end seemingly as fast as it began. When that point comes, everyone will surely begin counting the days until the start of the 2016 season. If 2016 is anything like 2015 has been; we’re ultimately in for a treat. There’s still plenty of time between now and then, but that time will fly.

It's safe to say there were a lot of racers at Unadilla!
It's safe to say there were a lot of racers at Unadilla! Photo: Ken Hill

Unadilla Event Wrap-Up (Chelsea Taylor)

Unadilla was jam-packed with fun, intense battles and of course a huge number of racers! The event keeps getting bigger each year and you can’t help but wonder where all the riders come from! Well I guess we do know where they come from, or at least where they race a majority of the season and that’s with the Western New York Off-Road Association or WNYOA as we all know it. I was truly impressed by the amount of WNYOA racers, and especially the ones who are competitive in both WNYOA and GNCC.

With that being said, we’re proud to announce that the Unadilla GNCC once again broke the series record for rider attendance with over 2,200 ATV and motorcycle entries this year, which is an incredible amount of riders. After speaking with many of the racers, I understand that the woods were a bit congested due to the large number of riders out there at once, but it seems as if everyone dealt with it. It just added another crazy element to the race. Josh Strang even said that the lap traffic was a good thing, because it only means the sport of off-road racing is growing.

If you left Unadilla without returning your transponder, it’s no problem! We just ask that you simply mail it back to us at 122 Vista Del Rio Dr. Morgantown, WV 26508. 

The future stars of our sport made an appearance this weekend in the Micros 50cc classes, and it was great to see so many of them out there! I also spoke with numerous kiddos that told me to watch for them out there next year! Parents, please don’t forget that all Micro racers have a chance to make an appearance on the podium and be interviewed about their race. They also get a participation medal no matter what position they finish. Also, next weekend at Somerset we will be prepared to present the Overall #1 championship plate to both the ATV and bike class, being the final round of the six-race Micros 50cc series. 

Big thanks to Chuck Lemaster who stepped up to help us with Saturday’s podiums and pit reporting for RacerTV. Chuck didn’t hesitate to help out upon finding out that Matt “Mega Watt” Watson was sick. And all of this comes after he conducted the “On-Track” Anti-Bullying Program at Mount Markham and Edmeston Central Schools on Friday. Chuck was able to redesign the program to suite middle school ages so that we can reach even more children.

Speaking of school visits, we haven’t had much luck with booking a school for the Powerline Park round! So if you’re a local Ohio racer and know of a school (Elementary or Middle) that would be interested in the program, please send an email to [email protected] with the school name and a contact person if available!

Rodney thinks we're all living in the heyday of GNCC Racing. Who agrees?
Rodney thinks we're all living in the heyday of GNCC Racing. Who agrees? Photo: Ken Hill

Living in the Heyday (Rodney Tomblin)

The word heyday is a noun that means the period of greatest prosperity or productivity. A heyday is a peak of popularity or success and this past weekend is any indication we may just say GNCC is living the “heyday” right now. If you look at it's over 40 year history, GNCC may be one big long “heyday” and if you ask those that were there in the beginning, they would likely agree. Personally I feel it has been like this since my tenure began and each time I reflect upon it I get goosebumps remembering the first time I met Big Dave in 1995 at Loretta Lynn’s for the big motocross and all he talked to me about was GNCC. I suppose I didn't really get it then, but boy do I now!

GNCC in the motorcycling world is like NASCAR in the general public in my opinion. It's a sport that if you are acquainted with it you can relate to it. If you can relate to it, then obviously it will interest you. Sometimes even to the point you give it a try yourself. That's why there are so many dirt tracks racing cars on Friday and Saturday nights and that's why the woods across America are filled with riders racing in local competitions and dreaming someday of chasing a national title. The great thing about GNCC is that is designed that any average enthusiast can participate and sometimes even achieve greatness and it helps to drive the spirit of the GNCC Racin’ Nation.

The numbers that turned out this past weekend, and at Snowshoe GNCC a few months ago, are a true indicators of my theory being true. The numbers we will see at Powerline Park and Ironman may be more proof that this sport is still in it's heyday. Perhaps though the biggest proof is what we witnessed this past weekend on the track. The conclusions of both races were action packed, drama filled and displayed the heart and determination of many riders.

Saturday’s XC1 ATV battle was about as action packed and drama filled as any race we have seen. It was a tide turner and proof that these guys are going to fight to the bitter end. If you look at his past history, Adam McGill may be cursed at Unadilla but he faced it head on and salvaged his hopes for the title. To know how hard Adam worked those last couple of miles to just finish brings a whole new respect to him individually. When he could've thrown his hands in the air, he didn't and remarkably finished ninth overall. The final half-mile showed how much people believe in Adam and his dream. It showed how inspired they were, enough to want to be a part of it and help.

So to look at the history of GNCC there have been many great moments. Some moments that are recognized immediately while others may take longer, but the moments that build GNCC continue to gain momentum and if we stop for just a moment we realize that these are without a doubt the “Heydays” of GNCC and I for one am happy to be part of these special times in our sport.

Kailub Russell was able to wrap up his 3rd consecutive GNCC National Champion at Unadilla!
Kailub Russell was able to wrap up his 3rd consecutive GNCC National Champion at Unadilla! Photo: Ken Hill

Another National Championship Decided (Jared Bolton)

Kacy Martinez was able to wrap up the WXC class title at Snowshoe, becoming the first National Champion of the season to secure their championship, but Unadilla would also see a National Championship decided, and it’s one that many were waiting to see. After a hard crash and rumored knee injury at the ISDE, all eyes were on Kailub Russell at Unadilla as many wondered what KR would do. 

Rumors began to circulate in the middle of last week that Kailub’s knee injury was more severe than what it actually was, and he would actually be sitting out Unadilla. Well, those rumors were quickly squashed via social media, online forums and more, including last week’s edition of Quick Fill as well. It quickly became widely known that Kailub would be contesting the Unadilla GNCC with the hopes of wrapping up the championship that he was so close to.

After a tough start to the race, Kailub would hover around the 7th and 8th place positions for the majority of the race. However, Kailub would push on the final two laps and begin working his way through the pack. When the checkered flag flew, Kailub would cross the finish line in 4th place, earning 18 points. That, coupled with Grant Baylor’s 7th place finish, would be good enough for Kailub to wrap up his 3rd consecutive GNCC National Championship.

It’s been since Rodney Smith’s 5th and final championship in 2004 that a rider has earned more than 2 championships, and it’s been since Scott Summers’ 1990-1992 championships that a rider has claimed 3 consecutive GNCC National Championships. In fact, Kailub Russell joins Ed Lojak, Scott Summers and Rodney Smith as the only bike riders to have claimed more than 2 GNCC National Championships.

This pushes Kailub even further into the history books, and this weekend he also has the chance to make history once again. The penultimate round of the National Enduro championship will take place, and Kailub has a shot at wrapping up the 2015 championship there as well. If KR claims the National Enduro title, this would also be a huge historical accomplishment as he would become the first rider to claim a GNCC and National Enduro title in the same year, and he and his dad, Jeff Russell, would also be the first ever father-son duo to claim National Enduro championships. History could be made this weekend. Stay tuned! 

The WXC ladies seem to get faster and faster as the season goes on!
The WXC ladies seem to get faster and faster as the season goes on! Photo: Ken Hill

These Ladies Mean Business (Chelsea Taylor)

Both the ATV and bike WXC classes are some of my favorite to watch, and no it’s not because I’m a female racer myself, it’s because they always have some of the best races! And of course, I have to admit that it’s cool to see the females start on the front row ahead of all the boys in the 10 am race. In the ATV division, Kylie Ahart was able to capitalize on Alicia McCormick’s 10th place finish and take over the points championship, but only by one point! Angel Knox had some mechanical issues, resulting in 12th place at Unadilla. However, she still holds third place in the points championship behind by six points. It’s going to be a fight to the end for the ATV WXC championship as we head into the final three rounds.

In the bike division, Kacy Martinez continued her dominance, winning the class division. This makes nine wins out of a possible ten for Kacy. Sarah Baldwin made her presence known again after not racing since round five at the Limestone 100 in Indiana. She came back stronger than ever, finishing her season best of second place, and even though she isn’t in the championship battle, I suspect her to be a contender for a class win in the last three rounds. Becca Sheets also made another appearance on the podium finishing third. Australia’s Tayla Jones will be competing in the remaining rounds, and last weekend she finished fourth. It wouldn’t surprise me if we see her on the podium before the end of the season. Tayla recently won the overall for the women at the ISDE, and was also a part of Australia’s Women’s Trophy Team that won the overall as well, which is an extra confidence boost to make that future podium happen.

Motocross Action Magazine caught up with Jessica Patterson this weekend, and you can check out all the details HERE. It’s a great article that portrays the struggles, and advantages, of females in motocross and off-road racing. Jessica has some high regards when it comes to talking about her GNCC career in the interview.

The WXC ATV ranks aren't the only ones full of talent. The ladies on the bike side are super fast as well!
The WXC ATV ranks aren't the only ones full of talent. The ladies on the bike side are super fast as well! Photo: Ken Hill

Respect (Rodney Tomblin)

At this past weekend’s event at Unadilla you may recall Mr. Tim Cotter talking about the seeming lack of respect by some folks over the weekend at the event. It is obvious an event of this magnitude offers a number of obstacles, but in reality it all came down to respect.

Since that time it has been deeply on my mind. His words made start thinking about just how not only disrespectful some of the ways folks were acting at night but also during the day and at the starts of our racing. It comes in a few different ways but respect is starting to wane and it is something we as a nation should be conscious of and something we need to change. All of us, including myself.

Let's start with the starting line itself and the times. The staring line opens 30 minutes prior to a scheduled race start. The riders meeting begins 15 minutes before the scheduled race start. All bikes should be on the starting line and shut off at this time. However this has been disrespected to the point where folks are showing up on the starting line during the riders meeting and disrupting the meeting by running and revving motors to the point I cannot even hear myself conducting the riders meeting. This really needs to stop! If you for whatever reason cannot make it on time at least shut your machine off and push it to your start position. It's the least you can do. Sometimes there are new things or new folks that want to hear and you are making it impossible.

Then of course the biggest issue may be during the prayer and national anthem. Speed walking across the staring line in front everyone with your head bowed or heart crossed is not showing respect. You are going through the motions of making some of the steps but in reality it looks really bad. And myself and some crew may be guilty as well. I notice myself talking sometimes during this time when someone asks me questions. I really should show more respect myself and I am going to make a conscious effort to do so. We should all take that moment each time and reflect on the words of the words of our national anthem and realize what freedom has cost and does cost each day. Two minutes each time this song plays is not too much to give for respect of those tolls. And teach your children to do the same thing. If they see us doing it then they will too. Respect goes a long way and can cross over in other aspects of life.

Lastly respect your neighbors on the starting line. One thing that has been brought to attention is the fact that some folks are choosing to smoke on the starting line. Please don't. People around you don't want to inhale it and myself as a smoker hate the smell of smoke. The staring line is and has been a no smoking zone, respect it.

This weekend will see the 25th annual DC Vet Homecoming at High Point Raceway!
This weekend will see the 25th annual DC Vet Homecoming at High Point Raceway! Photo: Racer X Archives - Graphic: Kayla Olliver

DC Vet Homecoming This Weekend! (Jared Bolton)

This weekend the 25th annual DC Vet Homecoming will take place at the famed High Point Raceway in Mt. Morris, PA. This event has been a staple for 25 years now, and this year promises to be another year full of racing and fun. There’s a slightly different format for this year as well as Saturday will see a Grand Prix Moto Cross Country event.

Now, what exactly is that? Well, think of taking the best parts of riding a dirt bike and mixing them all into one. It’s part motocross, part grass track, part woods, and full fun! Saturday’s GP event will feature classes ranging from Schoolboy to 60+ to Vintage and more. Saturday night is full of fun as well with a BBQ dinner, vintage films, a live band and much more.

Sunday will be dedicated to motocross with Vet classes ranging from 25+ to 60+ in addition to 3 different Vintage classes and everything in between. For the first time there will also be Support classes ranging from 65 Open, 85 Open on up to 18+. Sunday will also see a Vintage Bike Show, Swap Meet, various vintage contests, the Legends and Heros Mobile Motocross Museum and much more!

Even if you don’t want to race, it’s more than worth coming just to enjoy all the fun. I volunteered to ride sweep on Saturday and our buddy Megawatt has offered up a bike to race on Sunday if I’m feeling up to the challenge after sweeping all day Saturday. Come on out and join in on all the fun! You can get all the info HERE.


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