GNCC Racing

Vigilant Vet Racing and 100% Goggle Giveaway Back for 2015

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 | 2:25 PM

The Vigilant Vet Racing/100% Veteran Goggle Giveaway is back for 2015. Prior to the start of each 1pm Pro ATV race, VVR and 100% will honor a Veteran with a complimentary set of 100% race craft goggles, a VVR t-shirt and honorary number plate. To be eligible, the participant must be an honorably discharged Veteran (or currently serving in the US military) and actively racing in one or more of the 2015 GNCC events. 

Veterans who are interested in participating should contact VVR via email at [email protected]. One (1) slot is available per GNCC event and Veterans will be selected on a first come, first serve basis.