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Husqvarna Announces 2015 Contingency

Friday, February 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to announce the launch of its all-new 2015 contingency program at The program is open to amateurs and professionals riding Husqvarna motorcycles in motocross and off-road racing events. Riders can earn Husqvarna Contingency at nearly 500 races nationwide by signing up for a free account on

Scott Tilton, CEO of Hookit, explained “As the Pioneers of Motocross, Husqvarna has an unprecendented heritage in the world of motorcycle racing. We are proud to partner our services to deliver a premium experience for all of Husqvarna’s racers and partners. We believe will help bring the Husqvarna vision to life; helping today’s racers become a part of the rich Husqvarna heritage.”

For 2015, Husqvarna is thrilled to now offer a top of the line contingency program for racers of all skill levels. Through a unique partnership with Hookit, racers can enjoy a user-friendly, top of the line platform that caters to athletes, brands and sports. Beneficial features for the racers, dealers and promoters of include;

  • Automatically tracked race results
  • Easy to use, seamless experience both online and mobile
  • Schedule of upcoming Husqvarna Contingency paying events
  • Alerts when contingency is earned
  • Amateurs earn Husqvarna dealer credit to be used at their local Husqvarna dealer
  • Pro’s receive cash Husqvarna Contingency, and may spend at anytime with no expiration
  • NO fees charged to the riders, promoters or dealers to participate in the program.

“Racing is the lifeblood of our industry, and being able to provide added support through an exceptional service like Hookit for administering Husqvarna Contingency is a key marker for Husqvarna Motorcycles in its climb back to the top,” said Husqvarna Motorcycles Marketing Communications Specialist, Jenna Parker.

Information on class payouts will be posted as promoters finalize and submit their schedules. For a complete list of Husqvarna contingency events visit