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Slightly Bent Racing Teams up With YOUNTO

Friday, January 2, 2015 | 9:25 AM

The first day of the new year means it's time to kick off 2015 with a major sponsorship announcement for the Slightly Bent Racing team. The great people over at YOUNTO? have joined SBR for the 2015 Grand National Cross Country Series and we couldn't be more excited to have them on board!

Launched just this past month, aims to make it easier to find what you want to do outdoors. A place where you can go book a fishing charter, read a review of a new gun, learn how to/and where to go wheeling, and just about every other thing we can think of. (And of course we thought of ATV racing!)

Take a few minutes to check out the site, register your name in the forums, and cruise around the map. New activities and businesses are being added daily. Is there an activity or a business you'd like to see on the map? Get with us and let's make it happen! You can even get in touch with us through the all new Slightly Bent Racing forum!

So whether you are into fishing, hunting, boating, off road riding, cooking, camping, racing, or any other outdoor activity, this is place for you.