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Polaris Teams With Xtreme Plus For Dakar Rally

Monday, December 29, 2014 | 1:50 PM

Polaris Industries today announced the company will, once again, team with Xtreme Plus to take on the world famous Dakar Rally. The partnership has yielded three, back-to-back victories by solo racer Willy Alcaraz. 

French Racer Alcaraz will be trying to win his fourth Dakar as a solo racer, an incredible feat given the tough racing conditions the race presents. Xtreme Plus also will field two other teams in the race, Team Munk/Delaunay from Denmark and France, and Team Gibbs from the United Kingdom. All teams will race the RZR XP 1000 for the first time with the hopes of taking home a Dakar win.

This year’s Dakar Rally is 9,000 Kilometers, spanning three countries with 665 competitors from 53 nations taking on some of the toughest geography offered in an off-road race. Dakar fans can find the latest information on Xtreme Plus during the race on Polaris’ new Dakar race page at The page features class and overall rank, time and a route map showing where each team is in the race.

The Dakar Rally runs January 4-17, starting in Argentina, running through Bolivia and ending in Chile.