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Tuesday Toolbox: Dave Simmons

Tuesday Toolbox: Dave Simmons

Wednesday, November 26, 2014 | 2:10 PM
Wednesday, November 26, 2014 | 2:10 PM

Dave Simmons is a name that most all close-followers of GNCC Racing will recognize. Dave is consistently the top Super Senior rider in the morning ATV ranks and has his fair share of morning overall wins as well. With another championship under his belt in 2014, we caught up with Dave to talk about his season, plans for the future, and more. How's it going today?
Dave Simmons: Not bad, just got home from work and catching up with the social media and a few forums I frequent, eat and most likely head for the garage.

Simmons has another championship under his beltĀ 
Simmons has another championship under his beltĀ  Photo: Ken Hill

Did you enjoy the banquet last weekend?
For sure. It’s always fun to see everyone and watch everyone cut loose and have fun.

So tell us how your 2014 season went.
I was planning on cutting back this year and spending some time with my grandkids, but Laz from GThunder was persistent that I wasn't quitting, and had told my wife I was racing in 14, they gave each other a pretty hard time bickering back and forth about it and he even went to the extreme of offering me a quad for the season which I declined. Then when Laz and Mary Ann passed I decided to go for another class championship.

What was the biggest highlight for you?
My biggest memory was Ironman, it was an awesome track and someone showed up in my class and made me work pretty hard for it. I was actually behind for most the race but passed him when he pitted, then he had a problem and I got away from him, but I think scoring shows me in 2nd until the last lap so it was a blast to have that close of a race.

Simmons seems to love it when he has a battle on his hands, but of course still comes away with the win
Simmons seems to love it when he has a battle on his hands, but of course still comes away with the win Photo: Ken Hill

You've been the guy to beat for a number of years in the morning ranks but the 4x4 and Schoolboy riders have really stepped it up. What's it been like trying to stay ahead of those guys?
I start several rows behind the 4x4 Pro class, so it's rare that I see them. But if I get around them I'm shocked at how fast these guys can go on these big things. The youth just impress the heck out of me, they've come a long way in a very short time. The kids don't miss lines like you'd think they would. They’re just awesome. I honestly don't think I've lost much speed, the others have just picked it up. Cody's Ironman results show the speed in the Schoolboy class.

You've stayed dominative in your class though. How's that feel?
I like winning, and do a lot of work to do as you say "dominate" I don't just jump on and it happens, but winning is a great feeling.

So what are your plans for 2015?
I'm thinking I'll come back for another season and see if I can get an even dozen class championships. I have 11 now, so to round it up to 12 would be pretty great.

Simmons will be back in 2015 to work on getting that 12th championship!
Simmons will be back in 2015 to work on getting that 12th championship! Photo: Ken Hill

What's it going to take to make it happen?
I'll be doing some indoor motocross starting this weekend, then heading south over Christmas break. As I get older I have to do more to keep up with where I want to be, so I have to train more.

So hypothetically if you were to jump into the afternoon race, how do you see yourself stacking up?
I'm not a cocky guy and never would say something to fire someone up, why give the competition fuel? But, they'd know I was there if I was in the afternoon 38 plus class.

Do you ever see yourself giving it a shot?
Lots of people don't know that I raced the afternoon for several years, winning my 1st championship in '97 in the vet class. Then I moved to what would now be the XC2 class, and raced it into my 40's against some fast guys. So no, I really don't think I'll go back and take that beating of the afternoon track.

Simmons doesn't look to take another shot at the afternoon race.
Simmons doesn't look to take another shot at the afternoon race. Photo: Ken Hill

What do you hope to accomplish beyond 2015?
I have no plans that far out as far as racing, it's year to year every year, as it's been since I started racing. Sometime I'm going to have to save for retirement, and it's hard to do that and race.

Alright, before we wrap this up, who would you like to thank?
First I'd like to thank my wife. I can't believe she hasn't pulled the plug on this habit yet. GThunder, what can I say, great people that became great friends, I'm having troubles filling the voids in my racing program and life without them. ITP, HMF, IQ, JB Racing, Wiseco, Powermadd, BMC Racing, BNR Motorsports, North Ridge Yamaha, XCountry Photos, Spider Graphics and Pacillo Chiropractic. Thanks Jared, always a pleasure talking to you.