GNCC Racing

BNR/Loctite Race Report From Powerline Park

Tuesday, October 7, 2014 | 4:30 PM

Well team BNR/ Loctite has survived the cold, blustery, muddy St. Clairsville Powerline park GNCC. Throughout the week all the talk was about the pro championship between Walker Fowler and Cris Borich an everyone may have over looked the weather.  Well, it made a statement starting Friday morning with heavy rain most of the day and most of Friday night, then the wind and cold weather rolled in Saturday, which made it a crazy day of racing.

Off the start in the morning race, our 4x4 pro rider Robert Smith got a great jump into the first turn bumping bars for first place.  Going into the second turn he was soley into first then in the third turn he bumped tires with the second place rider which sent Smith tumbling through the turn and caused the wind to be knocked out of him.  After a moment to compose himself Robert climbed back on his factory backed Can Am Renegade 800. And put on a charge for the next two hours. He came from one minute and thirty five seconds behind to catch third place.  Robert was able to pass for third but was not able to hold the position and finished in a respectable fourth position in the class.

The weather for the afternoon race looked to be just as bad as it was for the morning.  As the riders were lining up it started to sleet very heavily and continued for about 15 minutes.  As the race got started the racers quickly found out that the 15 minutes of sleet was enough to make the track very slippery for the first lap of the race.  Pro rider Kevin Yoho started out a little slow checking in on the first lap in 11th position.  Pro am rider Tom Koontz started about mid pack in the 6th position.  As the race went on Koontz moved up to the fifth position for two laps then fell back on the last lap to finish the race in 6th place. Yoho was able to make up a few positions throughout the race moving into 8th place with a lap to go then moving up one more position to finish the race in the 7th spot.   

Overall team BNR/ Loctite had a good weekend.  The finishes were solid but the team would love to get back on the podium at the Ironman GNCC for the finale, that is why over the next three weeks the team will be preparing hard than ever to finish strong and go into the winter on a high note.  The team would like to thank all their sponsors for their continued support throughout the 2014 race season and look forward to the partnerships in the 2015 season. 

Team Big Nutz Racing/ Loctite would like to give a big thanks to all our sponsors: Loctite, Lobar Asso., GT Thunder, GBC tires, Houser, Kelsey Springs, DP Brakes, Power Madd, ATV Riders, HMF, IQ, Brechbill Automotive, T&M Masonry, Big Nutz Racing, BNR Motorsports, Fastenal, Moto pro training, Chester Vet Clinic, Can Am Racing, Turbo Blue, X country Photos, Moose Racing, Polar Global, Caledonia Power sports