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FRE/KTM Race Report - ATV GNCC Round 2

Tuesday, March 10, 2009 | 1:30 PM

FRE/KTM Race Report - ATV GNCC Round 2

Washington, GA - FRE/KTM Factory Team riders had another impressive weekend at the second round of the GNCC Series with Adam McGill earning 3rd in the XC-1 class, Josh Kirkland finishing 2nd in the XC-2 Pro Am class and Angel Atwell taking the win in the Women's Pro.

McGill nailed the holeshot on the start of the XC-1 class and the led the majority of the first lap. McGill was passed on the motocross section of the first lap by three riders which put him back in the 4th place position. "Motocross has never been my strong point and it was where I lost the race at this event. Now I know where I need to improve and I will head home with a new training schedule," commented McGill on his motocross skills.

McGill stayed in the 4th place position battling with both Taylor Kiser and Chris Bithell for the 2nd and 3rd place spots. When Bithell ran out of fuel McGill inherited 3rd and went on to finish the second round just as he did the first - on the podium. "I'm glad to be up on the podium again. Last year I struggled with consistency which makes me more determined to land on the podium at each race this season," stated McGill.

Kirkland had a great start in the XC-2 Pro Am class rounding the first turn in 2nd place. He dropped back to 3rd on the first lap but stayed close to the 2nd place KTM-support ride of David Crane. With one lap to go Kirkland made the pass on Crane to finish 2nd overall and maintain his points lead. Crane went on to finish 4th.

In the Women's Pro class, Atwell, started out front after getting the holeshot but lost the lead after clipping a tree on the first lap. Once she recovered she quickly caught back up to the leaders and passed for 1st. She held her pace and finished her second race in a row in the number one spot.

Next Event: Morgantown, NC - March 21, 2009

Overall Results XC-1 -

1) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Chris Borich

2) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Taylor Kiser

3) Adam McGill - KTM

4) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Brandon Sommers

5) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Jarrod McClure

6) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Donald Ockerman

7) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Duane Johnson

8) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Johnny Gallagher

9) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Ryan Lane

10)  Jeffery Pickens

Overall Point Standings XC-1 -

1) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Taylor Kiser - 55

2) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Chris Borich - 55

3) Adam McGill - 42

4) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Donald Ockerman - 31

5) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Jarrod McClure - 28

Overall Results XC-2 Pro Am -

1) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Brian Wolf

2) Josh Kirkland - KTM

3) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Eric Hoyland

4) David Crane - KTM

5) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Scottie Rich

6) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Dustin Canipe

7) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Parker Jones

8) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Rob Hertz

9) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Gabe Phillips

10)  Nathan Thomas

Overall Point Standings XC-2 Pro Am -

1) Josh Kirkland - 55

2) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Brian Wolf - 46

3) David Crane - 43

4) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Eric Hoyland - 39

5) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Scottie Rich - 37

Overall Results Women Pro -

1) Angel Atwell - KTM

2) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Kristen Atwell

3) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Traci Cecco

4) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Jennifer Albright

5) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Stefanie Verkade

6) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Jesi Stracham

7) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Shanna Bradshaw

8) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Jami Luburgh

9) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Samantha VanBuskirk

10)  Lexie Coulter

Overall Point Standings Women Pro -

1) Angel Atwell - 40

2) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Traci Cecco - 36

3) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Jennifer Albright - 36

4) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Kristen Atwell - 36

5) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Jesi Stracham - 30