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German Cross Country Championship Race Report

Thursday, May 29, 2008 | 12:00 AM

Have a look at what our friends over in Germany have going on with their cross country series:



GERMAN Cross Country Championships 2008

Second Round in Walldorf, Germany


Last weekend in Walldorf the second run of this year´s German Cross-Country series took place. During both racing days more than 700 pilots ”“ among them several top riders - entered the competition and a new record number of 6000 visitors watched the races.

In the XC1 Pro class the French ex-champion Arnaud Demeester (Yamaha/Private Blue) was the leading rider after the first round followed by the Finn Simo Kirssi (BMW) and the German riders Steffen Albrecht (Yamaha/Parthen) as well as Bert Meyer (BMW). In the fifth round Albrecht forged ahead, however, dropped out a few minutes later due to an overturn in the forest passage. Meanwhile Kirssi got ahead of Demeester and defended his leading position until the end of the race. Finally even Bert Meyer was able to pass the Frenchman and finished second before Demeester.

In the Class XC Pro Lites Daniel Weiß (tm/tm Racing Germany) finished first before Edward Hübner (KTM/ Team BvZ KTM Racing) and Marc Töppel (Kawasaki/Kawasaki-Pfeil).

Results XC Pro:

1.      Simo Kirssi (FIN), BMW, 16 laps

2.      Bert Meyer (GER), BMW, 16 laps

3.      Arnaud Demeester (FRA), Yamaha, 16 laps

4.      Mike Hartmann (GER), KTM, 16 laps

5.      Andy Boller (GER), KTM, 16 laps

Results XC Pro Lites:

1.      Christian Weiß (GER), tm, 16 laps

2.      Edward Hübner (GER), KTM, 16 laps

3.      Marc Töppel (GER), Kawasaki, 16 laps

4.      Andreas Beier (GER), KTM, 16 laps

5.      Daniel Weiß (GER), tm, 15 laps