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Mandi Mastin's ISDE Update- Day 2

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 | 12:00 AM
Hello Everyone!!

Well for those of you that haven't checked results or heard already, the USA Women's Team is in 1st & we have a pretty good cushion. I think the difference between us & 2nd is like 20 minutes, and that is after Day 1. Today Nicole & I zeroed everything and had no problems, so we are pretty confident that we stretched our lead out some more. We believe that the French girl that was winning dropped some trail points. Lacy is still going strong, she dropped some trail points today & then she took some extra time before impounding to change both tires, air filter, oil & fix some other things on her bike. Because they only take the best two scores out of the 3 of us, it will not affect our score as a team. But we want to make sure she finishes, and we all thought that it would be a good idea for her to do that. We are the only Women's Team that still has 3 riders, all the other teams have dropped a tleast one rider. Our goal is to finish as a team!!

For the other US riders, I believe that Caselli is still winning. Hoess had some more bike problems today, it did not cost him any time though. Hopefully, that is the last of his problems and he can stop thinking about the bike and start riding.

3 of our club teams are in the top 20: Trail Riders of Houston, O'Leary, Storrie, McKnight in 13th, Lubbock Trail Riders, Bailey, Hogan, Chambliss in 18th and Sugar Mama Racing, Giordano, Maier, Swettenam in 19th. These results are after Day 1 (Day 2 not posted yet).

Today was a tough day, it was the same trails that we rode yesterday, which were just plained trashed! They took the last section out & just had us ride the road back in because the course was just not holding up. But what would they have thought, it would have been the 4th time we had rode it, and with 450 riders, that's a lot of wear n tear on any course!! Tomorrow is a new day, they say that there is a little more road & jeep roads, not much, but we really haven't had any the last 2 days, so a little will be nice.

Off to bed I go. Thanks again for all the support for Team USA!!

- Mandi Mastin