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Suzuki Announces 2008 Bike Off-Road Team

Friday, November 9, 2007 | 12:00 AM

The following is a release from Suzuki:

"We are extremely pleased to announce the lineup of the 2008 Team FMF Suzuki Off-Road program," announced Team Manager Mike Webb earlier today. "For the GNCC series we are proud to announce the signing of Charlie Mullins, who we consider to be the future of GNCC racing in America. Charlie has proven himself in the last two seasons as a racer truly capable of racing at the top level; he has tremendous speed, balance and track knowledge. We are focused on providing Charlie with the ultimate package of equipment, support and the infrastructure to capture this championship in 2008.

"We are also very proud to announce the signing of Paul Whibley to the team. Paul has proven himself a true four-stroke specialist by winning an overall and several podiums in '07. Paul will be instrumental in the development of our new RM-Z450 for Off-Road racing.

"Of course we are extremely pleased with the performance of Jimmy Jarrett in the 2007 season, his domination of the OMA championship and his string of five podiums in the GNCC assured his position on the team. We expect great things from Jimmy in '08 and are determined to supply him with the necessary tools to accomplish his goals.

"Joshua Strang had a stand out rookie season in 2007. Josh far exceeded the goals we set for him last year and his drive and determination to succeed at the highest levels make him a pleasure to work with. With his first year out of the way, we will be working hard with Josh to take the next step.

"Rodney Smith will now transition into a full-time coaching roll, with Rodney providing the knowledge and experience he has gained by winning five GNCC Championships to our team pilots, we feel extremely confident in placing our program on the top step of the box in 2008.

"In the WORCS arena we are extremely proud to announce the signing of two-time WORCS Champion Nathan Woods to spearhead our program. Nathan is the winningest racer in WORCS history with 18 overall victories in the past four seasons. Our goal is to provide Nathan with the ultimate package to reclaim the number one plate in 2008 and beyond. Nathan knows how to win championships; it is our job to build him a program that is equal to his tremendous drive, work ethic and championship attitude.

"In looking to the future we are pleased to continue our relationship with our youngest rider Blake Savage who this year will move up to the RM-Z250. Blake comes from a great supporting family and is the perfect model for a future champion.

“And, we are happy to announce the addition of Jonathan Davis to the program. Jonathan turned a lot of heads in 2007 and really came into his own, his second overall in the WORCS Pro2 Championship was a surprise to many and our goal is to get him on the RM-Z250 and capture the 2008 WORCS Pro2 overall Championship."


Charlie Mullins #3 RM250K8

Jimmy Jarrett #4 RM250K8

Paul Whibley #6 RM-Z450K8

Joshua Strang #8 RM-Z450K8


Jimmy Jarrett #1 RM250K8\RM-Z450K8

Joshua Strang RM250K8\RM-Z450K8


Nathan Woods #2 RM-Z450K8

Jonathan Davis RM-Z250K8

Blake Savage RM-Z250K8