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Quick Fill #12: This Week in GNCC

Quick Fill #12: This Week in GNCC

Friday, May 5, 2023 | 12:20 PM
Friday, May 5, 2023 | 12:20 PM

Welcome to Quick Fill. 

It’s time to go racing! We’re rolling head first into another weekend of GNCC Racing, this time at Ironman Raceway for the Hoosier GNCC. This is a pretty unique event that feels much, much different than the traditional Ironman GNCC in the fall. Most of the fields are planted, which keeps us out of them, so please do the same when you’re out and about. Overall we’re hoping for a great weekend of racing! 

Obviously there’s a lot going on this weekend with the race but before we tell you about the race track let’s talk about 2024. We are still actively looking for potential locations to go race at, and we’re looking for some recommendations. We need at least 500 acres with somewhere close to 75-100 acres for parking. Now, keep in mind that parking means good, mostly level and firm ground. We really need some locations down south to kick off the season, so if you have a suitable place in the Carolinas, Georgia or the surrounding areas, definitely let us know. You can drop me a line at [email protected] and be sure to include location info, acreage, contact info and anything else you think might be helpful! 

Now, let’s talk about Hoosier. Conditions are absolutely primo heading into the weekend and we have our fingers crossed that it stays that way all weekend long. There is a possibility of some rain, but hopefully it will be the right about. When you take off from the start, you will actually be starting around the three-mile mark, so your first lap will be a bit shorter than the others. You’ll drop into the woods and then head down into the bottom section through some faster trails. 

You’ll then go through a few up and downhill areas before popping out into the big field section by the start and head over to the four-mile mark. When you drop back into the woods at the four, there’s a good mix of open trails with some tighter areas as you zigzag back and forth, up and down all the way to the five-mile mark. This brings you into what we call the “Enchanted Forest” which is a really fun, gently rolling section. 

From there, you come down underneath the bridge next to Ironman Hill, then across the creek and back and forth through some woods and some field crossings to the six-mile mark. After the six, you make your way through more woods and another field crossing, then over to the “Log Jam” section we utilize for the Ironman. It’s then back into the woods with more rolling, up and down trail over to the seven-mile mark. Things tighten up, then open up, then tighten up again from the seven to the eight-mile marks. This is just an overall really fun section! 

After the eight, you continue through some twisty trail then drop down to the staging area for the motocross track. This brings you up to the two-way section by the pro pits and over to the other side of the property and the nine-mile mark. After the nine, the bike races will split off into about a half mile of bike-only trail, then back to the quad trail. This is another one of those fun and flowing sections over to the ten-mile mark. 

Once you make your way past the ten, you begin the trek towards the finish with a little more woods and then some trackside pitting sections. This leads you into the finish, then you’ll head out into some more flowing woods and a field section to the two-way at the pro pits. You’ll cross over there, down the motocross staging lane once again, then out onto a little portion of the motocross track. You’ll then cross over the creek on the other side of the motocross track at the one-mile mark and into the Monster Mile. 

The Monster Mile zigzags back and forth through it’s usual fun and flowy bottom section with a few up and downhills, then it’s up to the top of the ridge through some more zigzagging trail to the two-mile mark. From there, you drop back down into the bottom and head over close to, but not quite up Twin Hills. You’ll actually be going up the same hillside, just a few lines over from the traditional Twin Hills. 

This brings you back up to where you started and that’s a little preview of what to expect at the Hoosier. There’s still lots to be done, so we’ll cap this edition of Quick Fill here. Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you in Indiana!