GNCC Racing

Coastal GASGAS Factory Racing - Tiger Run Race Report

Tuesday, April 4, 2023 | 9:30 AM

Coastal Gasgas Factory Racing returned to Union, South Carolina for round four of GNCC racing, Tiger Run. 

Thad Duvall at Tiger Run.
Thad Duvall at Tiger Run. Mack Faint

The sun was shining bright and hot over South Carolina for the start of Sundays 1PM bike race. Thad Duvall, lining up in the XC1 class, got a decent start off the line looking to work his way through the pack. Unfortunately, the day proved difficult for Duvall who couldn't make many places up and finished the day in 9th place. 

Ryder Lafferty found himself fighting an uphill battle shortly after completing lap 1. Making a unplanned pit stop for a possible bike issue, Ryder was pushing to make up for lost time when he damaged his clutch system and made a second pit stop to fix this issue. The lost time caused Ryder to finish a lap down and in 17th place.

Cole Whitmer who says, "With the amount of time and effort I've put into this season, my results haven't shown half that," left Tiger Run feeling frustrated with a 10th place finish in 250A. Lane Whitmer, who suffered a broken bone in his hand a few weeks ago, found himself struggling for positions as well finishing 12th in 250A.

Shawn Remington picked up a second place finish in Super Senior A at this weekend's race!

eMTB Racing continued its season at the Tiger Run with Talon Hawk lining up in the XC2 class on his GASGAS powered eMTB. Talon ran in second place for most of the race and found himself closing the gap as the race drew to a close but crossed the line in 2nd. He says he's continuing to build confidence with each race and is looking forward to grabbing a win.

There's only one more round left in South Carolina, Camp Coker, taking place April 15-16!