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Trail Jesters KTM Racing - Tiger Run GNCC Race Report

Monday, April 4, 2022 | 2:00 PM

Trail Jesters KTM Racing - Tiger Run GNCC Race Report

Round 4 of the 2022 GNCC season brought the Trail Jester KTM Racing team back to the Big Buck property for the Tiger Run GNCC. Near perfect weather welcomed our team as they prepared for another great weekend at the races.

Mason Semmens back from injury at the Tiger Run GNCC. (Photo: Mack Faint)
Mason Semmens back from injury at the Tiger Run GNCC. (Photo: Mack Faint) Mack Faint

In the afternoon race, all three of our XC2 racers lined up as Jesse Ansley, Mason Semmens, and Simon Johnson took on the South Carolina terrain and had their battles early on in the race staying close to competitors in front of them and gaining positions. Unfortunately Jesse Ansley’s day ended early after a bad crash on his third lap. Semmens and Johnson found themselves like magnets throughout the race battling each other while pushing each other up through the ranks. At the end of the three hours Johnson finished 8th XC2 and Semmens finished one spot back in 9th XC2.

Back from injury in the 250A class was Brayden Nolette, who got off to a slow start as he checked in sitting 14th in class at the end of the first lap. As the race progressed Nolette found his groove, making many passes the following 6 laps and taking home 8th in 250A.


Korie Steede taking 1st WXC at Tiger Run GNCC. (Photo: Mack Faint)
Korie Steede taking 1st WXC at Tiger Run GNCC. (Photo: Mack Faint) Mack Faint

Korie Steede: “I’m currently on cloud 9! I’ve been working my butt off for this! It’s about time I grabbed my first WXC win and overall, I am honestly speechless!”

In the WXC class, Korie Steede had a killer jump off the line and grabbed the WXC holeshot award before heading off into the woods. The day was full of intense battles for Steede as she fought up front throughout the race sitting in second the first three laps while stalking her competition. On the last lap Steede made the pass into 1st taking home her first WXC and overall win. Taylor Johnston also took on the WXC class this past weekend, putting in a consistent day of racing and finishing her day 11th in class.

Lining up in the Youth morning race were Trail Jesters Next Gen racers Van Gosselin and Jiggs Fustini. In YXC1, Gosselin spent his race in a tight 3 way battle in the front of the pack. His position changed multiple times throughout the day and when the dust settled he finished 4th in class. In YXC2, Fustini sat in 6th in class by the end of lap one. He then put a charge on and picked off his competition lap by lap, moving up consistently. By the waving of the checkered flag he grabbed 3rd in class.

Trail Jesters KTM Racing Results – Wild Boar GNCC

8th XC2 - Simon Johnson
9th XC2 - Mason Semmens
DNF XC2 - Jesse Ansley
8th 250A - Brayden Nolette
1st WXC - Korie Steede
11th WXC - Taylor Johnston
4th YXC1 - Van Gosselin
3rd YXC2 - Jiggs Fustini

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