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Rachel Gutish to Join V3 Kawasaki CDR Team For The Remainder of The 2021 Season

Thursday, August 26, 2021 | 4:55 PM

Rachel Gutish to Join V3 Kawasaki CDR Team
For The Remainder of The 2021 Season

Wrightsville, Ga. (August 26, 2021) – Rachel Gutish will join the V3 Kawasaki CDR team for the rest of the 2021 season.  Rachel will be racing a 2022 Kawasaki KX250x in the last 4 GNCC rounds to be held in West Virginia, Ohio, and Indiana.  She will also be racing the last 4 NEPG rounds taking place in Ohio, Indiana, Oklahoma, and Alabama.   Rachel is a X Games bronze medalist, two-time ISDE medalist and has multiple national and regional titles. She also has an impressive list of podium appearances: 21 EnduroCross, 22 GNCC podiums and 30 NEPG podiums, in addition to race wins in GNCC, Sprint Enduro, EnduroCross and NEPG. Despite only being 25 years old, she has been racing at the professional level for nearly a decade. Rachel also frequently gives back to the sport, hosting riding clinics as well as coaching and mentoring younger riders.

“We are very excited to see what Rachel can do on the new KX250x.  She has been such a powerful force in women’s racing and we look forward to working with her” said V3 Offroad Suspension owner Larry Silvia.   

“I’m excited for Rachel to join the team.  She brings a lot of knowledge and a high level of professionalism to the team and we look forward to working with her!” said Jim Douglas of CDR racing. 

“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity that Larry, Dawn and Jim have provided me with. Getting support mid-season like this is a very rare thing and I really can’t thank them enough. I also can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together over the next few months,” said Rachel Gutish.

Rachel Gutish testing out her new ride for the remainder of 2021. Photo: Courtesy of V3 Kawasaki CDR Racing Team.
Rachel Gutish testing out her new ride for the remainder of 2021. Photo: Courtesy of V3 Kawasaki CDR Racing Team.

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