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Tuesday Toolbox: Bryce Koster

Tuesday Toolbox: Bryce Koster

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 | 4:35 PM
Tuesday, October 10, 2017 | 4:35 PM

Bryce Koster is an 18-year-old from Sorrento, Florida who races in the Open A class in the 1 p.m. bike race. He currently sits seventh in the points championship, following a season of mixed results, ranging from fourth to 17th. His highest overall finish was a 38th at Unadilla. These results are pretty solid, coming from a rider who is racing the full GNCC series for the first time ever this season. Bryce and I talked about his experiences this year, and some of the lessons he has learned in his first year of GNCC.  

Bryce currently sits seventh in points in the Open A class.
Bryce currently sits seventh in points in the Open A class. Courtesy Bryce Koster I saw you weren’t at the Powerline Park this weekend. What’s up with that? 
Bryce Coster: This weekend I decided to stay local for our first race of the Florida Trail Riders (FTR) series, and I actually won the AA class and the overall. 

But you’ll be back for Ironman, right? 
Yes, I will be at Ironman. I’ve heard it’s the best one!

So, starting from the beginning, who got you into riding?
I’ve been riding a long time – my dad actually got me started when I was 2 and a half years old. 

Where did you race before you came to the GNCCs?
I raced in my local series, FTR. Last year I finished second in AA for the series championship and third overall for the year. 

Why did you decide to start doing the GNCC series this year? 
I decided to race the GNCCs this year because it’s the “big leagues” of off-road racing and I wanted to experience a full season of it! 

This is Koster's first full season racing the GNCC circuit.
This is Koster's first full season racing the GNCC circuit. Courtesy Bryce Koster

Well, if you’re looking for big, you definitely came to the right place! What was the biggest mistake that you made during your rookie GNCC season?
The biggest mistake that I made was trying to start the season on a 450cc. It is the right bike for racing down south in Florida, but it turned out to be too big for me in the mountains up north. 

Who gave you the best piece of advice before you got started?
My buddy, Mark Heresco, gave me a really good piece of advice. He told me to stay on the edges of the trail and get out the rough stuff to conserve energy for later in the race, and knowing to do that really helped me out. 

That is definitely a useful tip, especially as rough as the courses can get! What is the most important thing you learned through trial and error this year?
The most important thing that I learned is that the race isn’t over until it’s over, and to keep pushing all the way to the end because you never know what could happen to you or the other racers. 

Are you satisfied with your results this season?
I don’t think as a racer you are ever really satisfied, but I am happy with the progress that I have made this year!

What do you like to do in your free time?
I don’t really have free time - I am usually training or studying. I’m in my first year of college at Lake Sumter State College. I’m going for an Associates degree, Science in Business Administration.

Koster says he'll be back next year to race the Open A class again!
Koster says he'll be back next year to race the Open A class again! Courtesy Bryce Koster

What are your plans for next season?
Next season I will be competing in the Open A class in the GNCC series again.

Who would you like to thank?
First I would like to thank my parents most for all of their efforts. I wouldn’t be where I am without them! I also want to think Seminole Power Sports, Scooters Performance, IMS, Mobius Braces, Bell Helmets, Scott Goggles, MRW Suspension, FMF, HBD MotoGrafx, Ryno Power, ANSR, GUTS Seats, and all my family and friends that support me.