Transponder scoring is the official timing and scoring system for GNCC. We use Sport-Tag brand RFID transponders.

Transponders can be purchased or rented. The purchase price is $90 - cash or credit; if you are using credit, there is a convenience fee. Newly purchased transponders are good for two to three years. 


The rental price is $90, but you get $80 back when you return it at the end of the day. You will be given a receipt along with your transponder to verify your deposit and your transponder number.

To purchase a transponder, see the attendant under the Registration tent adjacent to Rider Services (registration trailer). This is the only place to purchase transponders.

Transponders expire on the expiration date stated on the front of the unit. Please make a note of the expiration date when you purchase it. Expired units cannot be used and you will need to buy a new one upon expiration. If you use an expired transponder, you will risk not getting credit for your laps, especially if the unit goes down during a race. You are responsible for having a current transponder.

To rent a transponder, you have two options: CASH or CREDIT CARD. See the attendant under the Registration tent adjacent to Rider Services.

If you rented a transponder, please return it to the Registration tent at the end of your race day for a $80 return deposit. You must return the transponder in the same condition it was in when you rented it. If it's broken, just plan on keeping it.

Please make sure to return the receipt along with the transponder. Things go much faster if you have the receipt and if you paid by cash! If you secured the transponder by credit card, the credit card on file will be charged $10. If you would like to pay $10 rental fee in cash just tell the transponder attendant.

A transponder rental is $10 (plus deposit) per event. If you don't return it until after the next race, you get $70 back; if you keep it for three events, you get $60 back. You might as well keep it for good after that.


Please don't carry your transponder with you to the Finish Line area. Some riders stop by the Finish Line to watch the racing action, not realizing that the transponder in their pocket will be picked up by the scoring system. This causes a lot of unnecessary confusion with "phantom" hits and drives the scoring team nuts! So just be careful.

Check your transponder expiration date to ensure it’s still good. Transponders are good for two years after activation - not from the date you bought it. So be sure to verify the expiration date on the transponder itself. The last thing you need is for your transponder to expire during a race. You worked hard for those laps and you don’t want to lose them over a bad transponder!

  • Motorcycle (M/C):
    • Fork Tube facing forward opposite side of CDI
    • Front of Chest protector facing forward
    • Top of handlebar mounts, front fender
    • Must be visible/line of sight of scoring loop 
  • ATV:
    • Crossbar pad facing up
    • Front of Chest protector
    • Fender, plastic body as long as it is away from CDI
    • Must be visible/line of sight of scoring loop
  • DO NOT:
    • Mount on or near CDI box (M/C and ATV)
    • Back of chest protector, or in and or behind Camelbak
    • Do not mount in Airbox, under seat, etc (M/C and ATV)
    • ATV Do not mount up front in lower part of frame /bumper


Our new Tag can be mounted using the "Zip Tie Tunnels" or screw holes in the center. The tag can be mounted on fork tubes, triple clamps, chest protector, etc., using the Zip Tie Tunnels. For mounting on a flat surface such as a fender or hood, use the "Screw Mounts".

***It is important to mount the tag at least 6"-8" from the CDI/ ignition***

Revised 6.25.2020