GNCC Racing

Rd 3 - The General

Aonia Pass MX - Washington, GA

March 8, 2024 - March 10, 2024

Est: 2003

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Parking / Gate Notice: GNCC Racing Nation, due to heavy rains experienced overnight and this morning, we are pushing back the opening of our gates to Thursday at 6 PM. This will give the facility enough time to drain so we can park our GNCC family. Please do NOT arrive prior to Thursday at 6 PM.


AdultChild (6-11)
Weekend:At the GateOnlineAt the GateOnline
Thursday - Sunday$45$40$25$20
Friday - Sunday$35$30$20$20
Sunday Only$30$30$20$20

Camping Information:

$20 Weekend Primitive Camping Fee

Please do not call the previous years contact number for camping.
More information about Aonia Pass camping is available online at

Special Information:

  1. Mike Penland Day: Saturday, March 9 will be celebrated as Mike Penland Day at The General GNCC. The 4x4 Pro Winner will receive a special number one plate. Full details HERE.
  2. ePeeWee (STACYC) Racing: Saturday 5:00 PM; Location TBD

After a couple of years off, The General returned to the GNCC schedule in 2018. This course was a favorite among GNCC regulars and the local Georgia racers alike with its mix of both fast paced, flowing trail and some tight, twisty single-track trail as well. The Aonia Pass Motocross facility is also incorporated into the course but if you’re not a high flyer, don’t worry as the track is typically tamed down a bit for GNCC.

The soil here is exactly what you would expect from Georgia. It’s full of red clay that can get hard packed and rough when it’s dry, or slick and rutted when it’s wet. The course also tends to get a bit on the rough side in places, so make sure you have your suspension dialed in for this round. We hope that a couple of years off will help bring a fresh approach to the track layout for The General, so expect a slightly different course from the past but some of the popular sections of the previous course will be added back in as well. Overall, a return to The General will prove to be a great addition back to the GNCC schedule and one event that you don’t want to miss.

The General GNCC in Georgia.
The General GNCC in Georgia.

Things to do:

• The Fitzpatrick Hotel (fully restored, historic hotel) - 16 West Square, Washington, GA 30673
• The Washington Historical Museum (Tours Tuesday - Saturday) - 308 East Robert Toombs Avenue, Washington, GA 30673
• The Mary Willis Library (Open Monday - Saturday) - 204 East Liberty Street, Washington, GA 30673
• Robert Toombs House (Tours Tuesday - Saturday) - 216 East Robert Toombs Avenue, Washington, GA 30673


• 2 West Antiques (antiques & collectibles) - 2 West Robert Toombs Avenue, Washington, GA 30673
• Sisters 2 Antiques (antiques and collectibles) - 20 West Square, Washington, GA 30673
• Bee Southern (charming boutique) - 10 East Robert Toombs Avenue, Washington, GA 30673


Maddy's Public House (in The Fitzpatrick Hotel) relaxed neighborhood pub serving delicious homey pub grub and a selection of draught beers, spirits, specialty cocktails, wine and mead - 14 West Square, Washington, GA 30673
The Square Cafe (sweet & savory treats; light lunch options; great coffee) - 22 West Square, Washington, GA 30673
The Hot Box (food truck experience in outdoor cafe setting) - 20R West Robert Toombs Avenue Washington, GA 30673