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Quick Fill #26: This Week in GNCC

Quick Fill #26: This Week in GNCC

Friday, September 29, 2023 | 1:10 PM
Friday, September 29, 2023 | 1:10 PM

Welcome to Quick Fill. 

The weeks continue to tick on by as we approach the final two rounds of the 2023 GNCC Racing season. I think a lot of people feel like this year has absolutely flown by and there’s no doubt that these final two rounds will feel exactly the same. In the blink of an eye we’ll be wrapping up this season and already beginning to think about the 2024 season… Which will ultimately come around quicker than we all expect! 

We have yet another weekend off from GNCC Racing this weekend, but on our end things are wide open as we prepare for the Big Dave Vet Homecoming at High Point Raceway this weekend. If you’ve never been to this event before, then you’re really missing out! The whole weekend is chock full of great racing, great times and just a lot of really nice comradery among racers and families alike. This event pays no points to any series and other than some nice trophies along the way, is really just all about bragging rights and having fun on dirt bikes. 

Saturday will see the GP-style Moto-X Country event on a hybrid racecourse with woods, big flowing grass track and of course the High Point Raceway motocross course as well. All classes will race two 30-minute motos, and virtually everyone has the opportunity to race two classes, so you can get in two whole hours of racing on Saturday, plus a couple practice laps as well! Sunday is all about motocross for Vet classes, Vintage classes and some additional Support classes for younger racers as well. If you’re not much of a motocrosser, don’t worry because the track is a bit tamed down compared to what High Point is like when Pro Motocross is in town.

If you’re interested in coming out to race, or even just watch and enjoy the racing, you can get all the details on the Big Dave Vet Homecoming event page HERE. This includes lists of classes for both days, and a pre-determined race order for the GP event so if you’re interested in racing two classes, you can figure out which ones to sign up for in order to make both motos. 

Also, if you’re interested in trying out the Moto-X Country, I strapped on a helmet cam and made a lap around the entire course to give a little teaser, and it’s a special one. I figured that a throwback themed event calls for a throwback themed machine, so I made the lap aboard a Honda CR500! Don’t expect any sort of blazing fast pace because obviously, I didn’t make it around the track in any sort of record speed, especially considering I just jumped on the thing and sent a whole lap. I mean, I literally didn’t adjust the bars or a single lever or anything. But, it’s still a cool watch. You can check that out HERE

Moving on, this time next week we’ll be making the final preparations for the Buckwheat 100 GNCC. This event started as a fill-in event at the end of the infamously COVID-effected 2020 season, but it turned out to be a hit, so we’re keeping it around. This is actually a pretty fun racecourse and a little more old school vibe of just going out in a farm field and having a race. We’ll have more on what to expect out of the the Buckwheat racecourse in next week’s edition of Quick Fill. 

Speaking of Buckwheat, we got a note from our friends at Gear Bicycle Sales regarding some exciting info on their bikes. Late last year, their Specialized Turbo Levo’s went on sale at 25% off, which a lot of folks will ultimately remember as that equaled to some good savings. So, this year, the Gear Bicycle Sales folks will be starting their Demo sale early. 

So, that means the 2nd annual Demo Sale has been expanded to two rounds and will be happening at both Buckwheat and Ironman. Gear will be selling a variety of used bikes, starting at $3000! Essentially, this is where they sell some of their rental bikes from the year, trade in bikes, and older model bikes at a discounted price, so there’s quite a lot to choose from. They have kids Levos in stock in three colors and not only will do layaway for Christmas but can help get the bike to you for a surprise gift. 

They even have a lot of new bikes in stock, starting at $5000, with a number of new colorways to check out. There are also new bikes that have some special promotions on them as well. On the Levo Carbon model, you can get a free 700w battery to go along with your bike. The Levo Carbon bike comes with a 500w, but we will give you another 700w battery for free! You can sell the 500w or keep as a spare. 

Overall, the bicycle industry is still recovering from COVID, but Gear says they are seeing inventory and pricing begin stabilize. There has been an influx of inventory, which has led to all of the sales, however, that’s starting to balance out now and they don’t expect sale pricing to last forever. Specialized keeps advancing the technology on the bikes, which leads to a better, faster bike for the consumer at a lower price point than ever before. It’s a great time to add a bike to your fleet or upgrade your current model. 

They also wanted to let the GNCC Racing Nation know that they do take trade-ins on Specialized e-bikes. All you have to do is bring it by the Gear Bicycle Sales rig for an estimate. You can also check out Pro’s Closet to see how much they will give you for it. On top of all of that, they also offer 12 month, no interest financing to help you get into a bike quicker! There is a link on their website to fill out the application before you arrive on-site. If you are interested in a particular bike, please reach out in advance so they can have it reserved and ready for you. You can get more info on the Gear Bicycle Sales website HERE

That’s actually going to do it for this week’s edition of Quick Fill. We’re headed back out to get the final touches done out here at High Point. Enjoy your weekend and we hope to see you at High Point this weekend, or right back here next week for another edition of Quick Fill!