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Mountaineer GNCC Women’s Race Report

Mountaineer GNCC Women’s Race Report

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 | 11:50 AM
Tuesday, October 22, 2019 | 11:50 AM

Mountaineer GNCC Women’s Race Report
Jones and Hunter win Mountaineer 

The Mountaineer GNCC, round twelve of the 2019 AMSOIL Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Series presented by Specialized, an AMA National Championship, took place on October 12th and 13th in Beckley, WV. The race was located at an absolutely stunning venue, Summit Bechtel Reserve. The facility is owned and managed by Scouts of America and is the site of the yearly National Scout Jamboree. Given that this is West Virginia, the track was quite technical compared to most other GNCCs. There were no big mudholes or hill climbs like at Snowshoe, but there was very little flat ground. As far as the soil goes, there was a little bit of everything – loamy topsoil, clay and sandy soil all made appearances. The one constant was the tree roots and rocks, which were pretty much everywhere. The track also degraded a bit differently than how it normally would; instead of the ruts getting deeper and deeper, at a certain point the machines dug down to a layer of rock and stopped. However, the shale and soft dirt on the hillsides broke away and piled up in the course, making wheelspin and issue and making the hillclimbs progressively more difficult. 

Hannah Hunter earned her first WXC career win at round 12.
Hannah Hunter earned her first WXC career win at round 12. Ken Hill

The weather on Saturday was foggy, overcast and rainy for most of the ATV racing, while the bike racers on Sunday were able to enjoy sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures. Conditions were great for both Saturday and Sunday – it wasn’t a mud pit or dust bowl the way many of the races have been this year. According to the track map, both the AM bike and ATV loops appeared to be roughly 9.5 miles, but given that it was 9.5 miles of tight, technical trail with almost no wide-open field sections, laptimes were pretty long. Of the 62 female riders who competed at Mountaineer, Hannah Hunter and Tayla Jones were the winners in the premier WXC classes. 

In the ATV WXC race, Traci Pickens got the holeshot and was first into the woods. Early on in the first lap, Pickens took a bad line, allowing Megan Shepherd to move into the lead with Katelyn Osburn close behind. Not long after, Shepherd made a mistake, which allowed Osburn and the rest of the class to get around her.

The first time through the scoring zone, the top four riders were all close together, with no more than thirty seconds between first and fourth place. By the second lap they had started to space out, with Osburn and Hannah Hunter out in front, with Pickens and Sadiee Gorrell about a minute back. Heading into the final lap, the distance between the two packs remained the same, though the gap between Osburn and Hunter shrunk to less than a second, while the gap between Pickens and Gorrell had grown to over a minute.

Katelyn Osburn put in a good battle, coming through second.
Katelyn Osburn put in a good battle, coming through second. Ken Hill

It was a very eventful last lap in the ATV WXC class. Hunter passed Osburn for the lead during her pit stop. The two of them went back and forth a couple times – Osburn got back around when Hunter was stuck on some rocks, but then Osburn took a bad line which allowed both Hunter and Pickens to get around. Not long after, Pickens made a failed passing attempt on Hunter, which dropped her back behind Osburn, as well as Gorrell, who had been sprinting to make up the gap between her and the top three. Hunter put the hammer down and won the race by almost a minute, with Osburn in second and Gorrell in third. 

In Hunter’s her first year as a pro, her results have not always been consistent, but when she avoids mistakes and mechanical failures she has the speed to win, as she clearly demonstrated here at the Mountaineer! When asked about her win, she said “I am so happy to win a WXC race in my first year in the pro class! I would like to dedicate this win to Brian McCormick” Osburn jokes that “Two must be my lucky number, since I finished there again (laughs). It was a fun race, and I’m looking forward to Ironman and hoping to finish the season with a win! Congrats to Hannah, I’m happy for her since this is her first WXC win!” 

Hannah Hunter, Katelyn Osburn and Sadiee Gorrell took the top three spots in the WXC class.
Hannah Hunter, Katelyn Osburn and Sadiee Gorrell took the top three spots in the WXC class. Ken Hill

There were three different riders who led the Girls ATV class: Hannah Moore, Anna Nicely and Alexis Keys. Keys led on the lap that counted though, taking her first GNCC win of the season! Nicely finished about a minute down in second, while Moore DNF’d with only one lap to go, which gave Samantha Shaw the opening she needed to make her first GNCC podium this season. Morgan Johnson, racing YXC1, was the highest finishing girl in the overall, placing 16th.

Sydney Sams took the win in the Women’s class and placed 35th overall in the AM race, her highest overall finish this season. 

In the micro ATV race, Khyler Davis took the overall win for the third time this season! There were six other girls competing: Zoey Hawkinberry (6th), Gabryella Whitehead (18), Mia Decesare (22), Raelynn Dickerson (23), Aubrey Benner (27) and Abby Kiblinger (29). 

Tayla Jones earned another overall WXC class win at the Mountaineer GNCC.
Tayla Jones earned another overall WXC class win at the Mountaineer GNCC. Ken Hill

In the WXC bike race, Mackenzie Tricker got the holeshot and held the lead going into the woods. Sheets was in second behind her, with Korie Steede right behind her in third. A few miles in, Steede bobbled in the rocks, giving Rachel Gutish enough of an opening to make a pass. Gutish got around Sheets a few miles later with an inside line and with a couple miles before the scoring zone, passed Tricker in a similar fashion. Jones had stayed close to Gutish, also passing her way up through the ranks, putting her in second place. Despite an embarrassing crash right before the scoring zone, Gutish held the lead going into lap two, though Jones, Sheets and Tricker were all only a few seconds behind her. 

A short way into lap two, Jones passed for the lead but almost immediately made a mistake and went down, dropping her back to fourth. By this time Tricker had gotten around Gutish also, and then took over the lead. On the second lap the top four riders came through the scoring zone still practically on top of each other: Tricker in the lead, Jones down by nine seconds, Gutish down by two seconds, and Sheets another two seconds behind her. Gutish and Sheets went back and forth a couple times before Gutish crashed taking a bad line trying to get around a lapper. She subsequently fell off the pace and finished fourth, nearly two minutes behind the top three.

Meanwhile, Steede was holding on to a solid fifth place, though she was down about a minute from the lead pack. It looked as though she would finish there, but on lap three she swerved to avoid an erratic lapper, clipped a tree and hit the ground hard. She was able to finish, but lost two positions. Rachael Archer instead took fifth place. Shelby Turner, a Canadian off-road and AMA EnduroCross champion placed sixth on a borrowed bike after going down right off the start. 

Tricker came through to earn second.
Tricker came through to earn second. Ken Hill

Tricker still held the lead going into the last lap. Jones and Sheets had been battling hard for second place and were both close by and ready to make a pass at the first opportunity. That opportunity came when she briefly got stuck on a hill near the three-mile marker, and Jones took the lead. Tricker had jumped in right behind Jones after getting passed and was able to hang with her until hitting a lapper near the six-mile marker. She ended up finished second to Jones by about forty seconds, while Sheets was a similar distance down in third, having taken a digger while chasing Jones earlier in the lap. 

When asked about her race, Jones said "I had a good day at the mountaineer. It was really cool to be at a new venue! The track was challenging and easy to make mistakes on, so I just rode a comfortable pace throughout the day. I'm stoked to grab another win and take the title fight to Ironman!". Tricker pointed out that she led the majority of the race, and explained “I’m really happy with how I rode, considering how technical the track was and how sore my shoulder still is after my crash at Black Sky!”. Sheets told us that having the top four together for the majority of the day made for a fun race. As far as the title chasse is concerned, she said “I know what I need to do going into the last round, and Ironman will be one to watch!”

Nikki Russell earned her eighth win of the season in Girls class, lapping the rest of the field. Gracie Gooch finished second, well ahead of third place Elllie Winland, who in turn finished a lap ahead of the remaining riders. With her win, Russell wrapped up the Girls class title a race early. In the Womens class, Alli Phillips was the winner, while in the Womens C class Anne Bean earned her first win of the season. Jocelyn Barnes was 2nd in the 125 b/c class and 33rd overall 

In the micro bike race, the top girl was Paisley Harris, who places twenty-seventh overall. The other girls who competed were Matilda Revoyr (31), and Isabell Boorom (39).

Sheets rounded out the overall WXC podium at round 12.
Sheets rounded out the overall WXC podium at round 12. Ken Hill

The final round of the 2019 AMSOIL Grand National Cross Country Series will take place on October 26 and 27 in Crawfordsville, IN, with the Ironman GNCC. ATV, Micro and eBicycle racing will take place on Saturday while Bike racing will take place on Sunday.

For more information on the GNCC series, visit the official website at or call (304) 284-0084. Join the conversation on the series Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and be sure to always hashtag #GNCC.

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Mountaineer GNCC
Beckley, WV
Round 12 of 13
September 12th and 13th 

ATV WXC Pro Event Results: 

  1. Hannah Hunter (HON) Ye Old Cycle Barn/Texiera Tech/Maxxis
  2. Kate Osburn (HON) Action Off-Road/Moose Racing/GBC
  3. Sadiee Gorrell (YAM) Maxxis /Fivesixo Graphics/Custom Axis/Pierce Performance
  4. Traci Pickens (YAM) GBC/Fly/Yamaha
  5. Megan Shepherd (HON) Stewart Boys. Racing/LS4/Rage ATV/DeRisi Racing
  6. Morgan Solesbee (YAM)
  7. Jaida Phillips (YAM) Rekluse/Tirespine/Estes Motorsports

ATV WXC National Championship Standings: 

  1. Traci Pickens 254
  2. Kate Osburn 228
  3. Megan Shepherd 216
  4. Hannah Hunter 192     
  5. Alicia McCormick 189
  6. Sadiee Gorrell 168
  7. Jaida Phillips 154
  8. Angel (Knox) McGee   88
  9. Kara Short   56
  10. Abbi Troy   42 

Bike WXC Pro Event Results:

  1. Tayla Jones (HSQ) Rockstar Energy/Husqvarna/Moose
  2. Mackenzie Tricker (KTM) KTM/Mepmx/Fly/Grizzly Peak/Traveler’s Rest Speedway
  3. Becca Sheets (KTM) FLY/Maxxis/Go-Ko Trucking/KTM
  4. Rachel Gutish (BET) Beta USA/Moose Racing/Arai/Mobius
  5. Rachael Archer (YAM) Ampro Yamaha/Moose/PWR
  6. Shelby Turner (KTM) A&E Racing/KTM USA/KTM Canada/FXR/Kenda
  7. Korie Steede (GAS) GASGAS/Fly/Mitas/Spectro/FMF/Rekluse
  8. Shyann Phelps (KTM) Mike Beeler/Racer’s Edge
  9. Eden Netelkos (KTM)
  10. Annelisa Davis (KTM) Ride Free Ministries/Martin Motorsports/Joseph W. Davis

Bike WXC Pro National Championship Standings: 

  1. Becca Sheets 270
  2. Tayla Jones 263
  3. Mackenzie Tricker 209
  4. Rachael Archer 198
  5. Korie Steede 160
  6. Shyann Phelps 150
  7. Annelisa Davis 131
  8. Elizabeth Perez 118
  9. Rachel Gutish 103
  10. Shelby Rolen   96 

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