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Referee Report

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 | 6:05 PM

Date: July 11, 2017
Referee: Jeremy Holbert 
Event: John Penton GNCC – Bike Day
Date of Event: July 9, 2017

Rule Violation:  2017 GNCC Pro Rules, Section I, Subsection 1

  1. Riders must remain on the marked course. The marked course is within 25 feet of race arrows. However, riders must stay within the confines of the following markers: double arrows posted on both sides of the trail, ribbons, signs, stakes, hay bales, barrels, motocross track, grass track, etc.. 


On the fourth lap of the 1 pm Bike Pro race, XC1 riders Thad Duvall and Chris Bach cut the course around the 8-mile marker at a section marked for television.  The right side of the course had been roped off to prohibit the cut.  The cut was in excess of 25 feet of race arrows.  For this violation, both riders were penalized one position.  The penalty is consistent with similar infractions involving the same rule in previous years.

The matter was brought to the attention of officials after the podium presentation.  Both teams were notified immediately and advised that results were provisional pending review.  Given the sensitivity of the matter, onsite race officials recused themselves, and turned the matter over to a panel of four off-site officials, including representatives of the AMA.  It is this team of individuals who made the decision to penalize both DuVall and Bach, given the video evidence.  No protest was accepted, nor was one necessary, given the fact that the incident was documented by an official cameraman.

Witness:  GNCC Official Mike Holbert. Both incidents were documented on video by Racer TV.

NBC/Racer TV:


The GNCC Pro Rules require all riders remain on the marked course.  This section of the track had been specifically roped off to prohibit a cut.  Both riders had been through this section of the course three prior laps without incident.  Both riders are experienced, seasoned riders, familiar with the antics of race fans.  It is unfortunate that this person interfered with the race course.  However, riders are responsible to stay on the marked course, and in this case, there was no bottleneck.