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JCR Honda Race Report: Bach Finishes the 2015 Championship with Fourth Overall for the Season

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 | 12:10 PM

The final round of the GNCC dubbed "The Ironman" in southern Indiana didn't disappoint. The fans were in "Full Force" as thousands lined the track and the infamous "Ironman Uphill" was a popular destination for these die-hard XC fans. They stood at the top of the hill and waited for competitors to take their "run" at the hill. Most falling victim to the its steep and abrupt climb right out of one of many challenging river crossings. If the riders were lucky, the wild band of locals would catch their race machine and build a human chain to pull them up the top! To boot, these wild bunch of crazies, stood witness to over an astounding 2000 competitors charging the 13.5 mile XC course over the weekend. 

JCR/Honda's Chris Bach, hailing from Crown Point, Indiana was poised and prepared for the Ironman challenge. Coming off a big win at the annual Moose Run last week in Illinois, not many knew though, Chris had suffered a hard get off during this race and was bruised-battered and yes even broken.

Chris gated well firing his CRF450R to a 5th place start heading into the woods. The first lap through the pits the top ten racers were all within a 15 second margin, Chris unfortunately had to stop for goggles, sliding back to 9th position. The Honda pilot had his work cut out for him to catch the lead pack. By the end of the 3rd lap and the 1.5 hour mark, Chris had worked his way into 6th position. The JCR/Honda crew gave him a quick pit, with VP Racing Fuel, fresh goggles and encouragement. Chris was poised to keep pushing as the grueling 3 hour plus Ironman wore on. Chris and his Lucas Oil, Maxxis Tire, Pro Circuit equipped Honda, found his way into a solid top 5 position by the finish.  

"The 2015 GNCC series has been a very good season for the JCR/Honda Team. GNCC is by far the most competitive Off-road racing series in North America and widely followed. There were several rounds of more than 2000 racers competing and 10,000-plus fans throughout the weekend. I am proud of our Team's accomplishments this season with multiple podiums, an exciting win at the Tomahawk round in New York. Last season we struggled, and finished 9th in the series. This year we proved we are a serious threat. The JCR/Honda Team wrapped up this season a solid 4th in the National Championship. Chris, Eric, Cookie, Danielle, Benny and Johnny G worked their tails off and I am very thankful for having the best race family out there. It is our unity and determination that will bring us race wins and championships in the future. I want to convey a very sincere "THANK YOU" to all of our sponsors and fans for supporting JCR/Honda, helping us to be the best. We are looking forward to the upcoming 2016 season and can hardly wait to be at the track.

I would like to send a shout out to Trevor Bollinger who dominated the XC2 Class on a Honda CRF250R at the Ironman. Great effort Trevor! I also want to salute Japanese Champion, Takeshi Koikeda. TK has spent 5 years here in the U.S. Chasing his dreams as an Off-road racer.

He now will return to Japan to re-join his family after a long and successful career.

Congratulations to TK and we wish you much success in your future." --Johnny Campbell.

Ironman Video Recap Link

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