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Amanda Mastin ISDE Update: Day 2

Wednesday, September 3, 2008 | 12:00 AM
Here's an update from Amanda Mastin from the ISDE:
ISDE Greece Day 2
Hi Everyone!!

Todays trail was the same loops as we rode yesterday. Each day we ride 2 needless to say, the course was very chewed up since this was the 4th time we rode the loop.

Day 2 for the Women's USA team went well. Nicole Bradford and Maria Forsberg rode really well today. Maria moved up to 2nd overall in the women's class and Nicole moved up to 4th place. My day didn't go much better then yesterday. I am having a difficult time with the technical uphills on the 125. I lost route points again today. But, I got both tires changed tonight and the course is all new tomorrow. The word is...that tomorrow's trail doesn't have any technical uphills, with more flowing trail.  So hopefully, tomorrow will bring me a better day with some better times. The USA Women still stand in 2nd place behind France.
The World Trophy Team is still riding strong. Kurt was penalized today for getting off the course in the endoro test. They are working on getting the pentaly reduced. Right now, the USA is standing in a solid 3rd place.

Thanks for all the support!! Go Team USA!!