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Snowshoe Logistical Information

Tuesday, September 2, 2008 | 12:00 AM

The folks from Snowshoe Mountain have issued this information regarding the logistics for next weekend's GNCC. Snowshoe Mountain President Bill Rock explains how the race will effect the mountain. Read on to learn more about the event.

Q: The GNCC Event is coming up in Sept 12-14. I remember last year there were some changes to mountaintop access during this event. Will there be similar changes this year?
A: Yes, you will experience similar changes during this year’s GNCC event.

GNCC is the nation’s largest off-road race series and was a great addition to our summer events schedule last year. We’re very pleased they’ve continued their relationship with the mountain. As a third-party event, essentially GNCC and their organizers rent the mountain for the weekend. We have agreed to cooperate with their needs as a host venue. The changes that you’ll see will be associated with the access roads to and from the mountaintop, parking across the resort, and the closure of our mountain bike park for the weekend.

Beginning on Friday, September 12, the South Mountain Road (from Rt. 66 in the direction of Cass) will be closed to all traffic entering the resort. All guests and employees will have to continue along Rt. 66 to the North Mountain entrance by the former Welcome Center. The back road will be open to vehicles exiting the resort.

At the front (North Mountain) entrance, all vehicles will have to enter through the GNCC check point. There is a $15 admission fee for each individual entering the mountain during the weekend, with the exception of employees and homeowners. This fee is the spectator entrance fee for the GNCC event. Because the entire mountain is serving as their venue, anyone visiting the mountain is subject to the fee.

All employees, including those of third party vendors, will be issues entrance bracelets for the weekend. This will allow access to the mountaintop, free of charge. All employees should contact their managers if they feel they are in need of a bracelet for the weekend. Bracelets will only be issued to those employees scheduled to work during the event.

Due to the event starting line on Snowshoe Dr. in front of Expedition Station, all guests and employees will be asked to park in the Silver Creek Area. Snowshoe shuttles will be running, free of charge, from 6am-12am throughout the event weekend to provide resort access.

Finally, the Snowshoe Mountain Bike Park will be closed for the weekend of September 13-14. Some of the GNCC race course interferes with our mountain bike terrain, and so the park will be closed to ensure safety. The Bike Park will reopen on Monday, September 15 and will remain open through October 12.

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend on the mountain. GNCC features some of the world’s best ATV and motocross riders, and we’re thrilled to have them return to Snowshoe for the series’ highest elevated start at 4848’. Anyone with questions regarding resort operations during this great event should contact Snowshoe’s resort operator at 304-572-1000.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation!


Bill Rock
President and COO
Snowshoe Mountain Resort