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Quick Fill #24 ... This Week in GNCC

Thursday, June 12, 2008 | 12:00 AM

Welcome to Quick Fill. All quiet on the GNCC front.


The Racer Productions crew is up to their eyes in the Kawasaki/Monster Energy Pro Motocross National at High Point presented by Centra Bank. Grass is getting cut (again), the redesigned track is getting finishing touches, banners are being hung, and the track is going to a whole ”˜nother level. The place was in good shape when we held a round of the ITP/Moose ATVA Motocross Nationals a few weeks back, but nothing is ever “finished” in this business. We hope to see a few of our GNCC friends out there this weekend. We have amateur motocross racing on Friday and the annual Moto-X-Country race on Saturday. The motocross track has been completely redesigned, and everyone seems to like the MXC course the way it is, so you’re in for a good time if you bring your machine. And even better, we of course have phenomenal racing planned on Sunday with Stewart, Villopoto and the rest. Even if you’re not planning on riding or racing this weekend, Sunday’s show will be fun to watch.


For all the info, go to

Top amateur Darryn Durham tears up the revised High Point track.

And I'd feel bad if I didn't post this killer shot of Racer X Editor Billy Ursic tearing up a High Point berm.
Bad Billy is gonna' try Moto-X-Country on Saturday. Can someone step up and beat him?


Okay, on to the GNCCs.


Big story last weekend was the big 24 Hour race at Perry Mountain in Alabama. It was a close one, as team KTM and Team Cycle Specialty KTM and Team Am-Pro FMF Yamaha battled all day (literally). At the finish, the KTM boys won it by just four minutes. Four minutes after 24 hours of racing!


Here’s the top four teams



#1 Red Bull KTM SE Cycle Specialty

KTM 300

Nate Kanney   Hi Falls, NY
Russell Bobbitt   Fayetteville, GA

Mike Grizzle   Dahlonega, GA

Jason Chancey   Chattanooga, TN

Allen Gravitt   Flowery Branch, GA

Cory Buttrick   Logan, OH

# 13
Am-Pro, FMF, Yamaha

YAM WR 450

Randy Hawkins   Travelers Rest, SC

Jason Raines   Belfair, WA

Thad Duvall   WV

Dustin Gibson   TN

Joe Scherer   Renfrew, PA

Ryan Belue   Travelers Rest, SC

Action Kawasaki Yamaha 1

KAW 450

Garrett Edmisten   Vero Beach, FL

Joey Baker   North Ft Myers, FL

Rick Scaggs   Venice, FL

Travis Hullpish   Fellsmere, FL

# 6
Team Texas

KTM 450

Josh Putman   Lubbock, TX

Cole Kirkpatrick   Lubbock, TX

Cameron Kirkpatrick   Lubbock, TX

Haydn Franklin   Ft. Worth, TX

Cody Beck   Ft. Worth, TX

Devon Coetzer   Ft. Worth, TX


Just 24 hours after this picture was taken, the race ended.
Roger O'Kelley photo

Special thanks to Roger O’Kelley for the info and photos. Here’s a note from him:



I attended the 24 hour race this past weekend in Maplesville, Alabama. Yes! 24 hours of extreme heat and pressure on the riders. It reached 100 degrees at one point. I was there to observe GNCC racer Hayden O'Kelley and his #16 KTM team.  Hunter Wallace, Hunter Williams, and others. Those young men did a wonderful job and came in second place in their class. I am glad there is only one race per year like this. Very tiring! I think I would rather hang out at the GNCC events so I can get sleep.


Hayden O'Kelley gets lit up.
Roger O'Kelley photo

Thanks for the photos, Roger.

You know what may have been the most spectacular finish of all in this race? How about some GNCC Youth riders taking 5th overall.


Jason, did you hear that the GNCC kids team got 5th Overall at the 24-hour race this weekend?  All I can tell you is that they rode with a lot of heart!  Team members included: Steward Baylor, Thacker Staley, Corey MacDonald, Zack Nolan, left to right.  Lee Rowland and Sonny Morabito not pictured.


--Jeanette Baylor

Fifth overall for the kids! Some of them must have missed bed time.
Baylor photo


Last week on Quick Fill we mentioned the “GNCC Has Got Talent” Show that we held in Kentucky. For the full report on what went down, we turn this over to “Digital” Dave Smith over at Dave shot the event, and he’s also got another big show planned for Yadkinville with the second-annual GNCC Vendor’s Row Challenge.  


Here are a few clicks from the talent show.  Some just can't be explained.

1st Place Heather Krouskoupf, singing "Broken Wing"

The podium: Matt Haris (L to R) Sadie Welch and Heather Krouskoupf

We are also just days away from the Vendor Challenge II in Yadkinville, NC.  There are a few people that are finally breaking a sweat and training in the few remaining hours.  I have heard rumor that Bart Hayes of PG will be out there, as well as Chad Duvall on a bike.  I did remind him that they only had two wheels.  I think that he wants to do the same to us that Thad had been doing all year in XC2.  My feelings are deeply scarred as Gary from the Finish Line Cafe has issued the statement that he may lap me while we are out racing.  I hope he knows that this means vendor war.  Oh yeah, by the way, you had an excuse not to ride last year.  We had better see the Weege in gear come Sunday AM....

Dave Smith

Wow, sounds like a serious challenge. Indeed, once High Point wraps up, we’re headed to North Carolina to get ready for the Stomp GNCC. That should be fun, as a lot of riders hail from that area now. Also, expect temps to be a little, uh, high, so be prepared. And don’t forget we’ll have Ten Man Push playing a live concert on Saturday and Sunday. Check out our Tuesday Toolbox for more on that.

During my Tuesday Toolbox conversation with Rodney Smith, I gained a lot of insight as to “what’s wrong” with Charlie Mullins. Of course, to even start this conversation, you have to determine if something is really wrong in the first place. Before the year began, a lot of people were thinking Hot Rod was just going to stomp everyone all season long, and since he’s only won one race and is way back in points, people are wondering what happened. Rodney mentioned to me, and I agree, that maybe those expectations were too high. The competition is way strong in GNCC this year, and expecting anyone to just go out and run away might not be possible. At the moment, even the Knighter can’t distance himself from the field. I think there was a lot of pressure on Charlie. Now Rodney is set on trying to keep him positive, make it fun, and let the guy come back and enjoy being at the races, win or lose. We have heard it countless time. A rider wins a race and then says it all worked out once they started relaxing and having fun. Charlie might be the next. Of course, fixing the mental end of the races is the hardest part, but Charlie is going to spend the next week with Team Smith to see if he can get his Georgia magic back again.

And for ATV fans, we’ll have a few guest riders taking on the GEICO Mountain Ridge GNCC in Pennsylvania. First, rumor has it that multi-time ATVA Women’s Motocross Champion Angela Butler will try her first GNCC ever in Pennsylvania. And now we hear that the champion of the WORCS Series out west, MotorWorks Can-Am’s Josh Fredrick, will try the race, too. Mike Cafro, an ace desert racer for Temecula Motorsports, is scheduled to race there as well. I hope those boys and girl get some practice in the trees before they come, this racing is totally different from what they’re used to!

Josh Fredrick is coming to the GNCCs. photo

A few top ATV pilots raced an AWRCS race last weekend. Brandon Sommers and Don Ockerman battled hard to the end. Ockerman won it. Jeff Pickens was up there and Mark Nottman as well. Also, Bill Ballance, Traci Cecco and Johnny Gallagher pounded out motos in the heat all week, and word is (from Johnny G) that Bill looks even better than he has all year. A lot of the top riders are going to race a big ATV pro purse race in New York this weekend. Look for a report here next week.


The Snowshoe race is still months away, but Bryan Buckhannon’s amazing run for the Open 4x4 Title is already generating press for him. Check out this story HERE.


And don’t forget we have GNCC “Get Press” releases for everyone, so go check them out, fill them out, send it to your local news outlet and get some coverage for your racing!

And since gas prices have now reached over $4 a gallon, now more than ever, you owe it to yourself to check out the GNCC Hitchhiker’s guide.

Finally, we want your Friend Requests! GNCC is now on My Space. Check us out and start networking with us.


And that’s it for Quick Fill. See you at the races this weekend, we hope. If not, see you for sure in North Carolina!

Sadie Welch is flexible.