GNCC Racing

Pastrana leads lap one

Tuesday, March 4, 2008 | 12:00 AM
Well, Live Timing and Scoring is down again, we had a problem during the morning race. Here's a brief update from the Triton after two laps this afternoon. Kawasaki rider Russ Pearson got the Racer X holeshot, but soon into lap one Travis Pastrana took the lead (!) and held the position through the end of lap one. Nathan Kanney was the only one hanging with Travis early, and then he took the lead from Travis. Then Travis hooked up with David Knight and the two have been battling hard for second, even passing each other in the pits are talking a little smack! They're both closing on Kanney at the end of lap two, with Jimmy Jarrett and Charlie Mullins in fourth and fifth. Great racing here, we'll try to give updates during the morning race. Wait, this just in..Knight takes the lead on lap three, with Kanney in second at the 4.5 mile mark. Now it's Jarrett into third and 199 (Pastrana) in fourth and Mullins in fifth. Maybe Pastrana is getting tired? Stay tuned, we'll try to give more updates. Thad DuVall, Josh Weisenfels, Tyson Hadsell and Kailub Russell just came around battling in that order in XC2.