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Mandi Mastin's ISDE Update - Day 3

Thursday, November 15, 2007 | 12:00 AM
Hi Everyone!!

Well today was a new day with all new trail. The course was awesome! It reminded me a lot of riding in Colorado. The one section was very similar to riding at Taylor Reservoir. A lot of the riders agreed that today was a much better day of riding and tomorrow should be good, too. We ride the same course as today, but I think this course will hold up and not get so beat up compared to Day 1 & 2.

My update for today isn't very good. I didn't get to talk to many people after the day was over to see how their day went. All in all the whole Team USA is doing pretty well. We have only had 2 riders not finish so far, both due to mechanical issues. That's pretty good considering on Day 1, 12% of the entire entries DNF'd. Team USA is doing good!!

For the Women's Team, I myself didn't have such a great day. The bolts that hold the cylinder on came loose and I lost all the water in the bike. Luckily, only as I rolled in to check 3, is where the pinging and revving of the motor (starting to seize) happened. So I was able to work on the bike at the check, get everything fixed and get going again. In the process though, I lost 14 route points. Nicole zeroed the day today and did not fall in any test, so she is rockin'!! Lacy dropped some trail points, but she finished the day and even changed a tire at the end. So as of Day 3, all 3 USA women are still going strong!! At the start of today, our lead was 46 minutes over the 2nd place France. Hopefully, even with my trail points today, maybe we still added some time on our gap.

As always, thanks for all your support back home!! Hopefully tomorrow I will have a better update on the whole team.

- Mandi Mastin