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Quick Fill #10: This Week in GNCC

Quick Fill #10: This Week in GNCC

Thursday, March 21, 2024 | 12:35 PM
Thursday, March 21, 2024 | 12:35 PM

Welcome to Quick Fill. 

It’s time to go racing once again and we’re back in action this weekend with the Camp Coker Bullet GNCC in Society Hill, South Carolina. This event has grown to be a very popular round as the property itself is one of the nicest facilities you could hope to race at. With numerous ponds, lush green fields and a fun racecourse, it’s easy to see why everyone has come to enjoy the Camp Coker Bullet. 

Before we jump into what to expect out on the track, here are a few reminders for this weekend. First, there will be a camping fee of $20 for the entire weekend. The camping fee goes to the facility, and this will help them to continue to make improvements for years to come. This year they’ve brought in showers and bathrooms that will be available for use and down the road could work towards building some very nice permanent facilities like this. The Brown’s RV Fishing Tournament will be back on Saturday evening from 6-7:30pm, followed by a Supercross Watch Party. For more information, check out the event page HERE

Now let’s talk about the racetrack. You’ll once again start out on the old motocross track, and after making a few turns you’ll head out of the motocross track and through some faster areas up into the woods where things are going to slow down a bit. You’ll start just before the 1.5-mile marker and work your way through some tighter trail over to the two-mile mark where you’ll hit the edges of the old Supercross track. 

This was once Larry Ward’s practice track, which has been many years ago, so the jumps are basically just worn-down bumps at this point. You’ll then cross over a fast field section and head into some more tight woods for quite a while. About the 2.5 marker, the quads will split off while the bikes will continue through to the three-mile mark. The quad and bike trails come back together about a quarter of a mile past the three and continue together for a bit. 

The bikes split off once again into a tight single-track section and merges back together with the quad trail at the four-mile mark. These tighter woods continue along to the five-mile mark, and then to about five and a half where you’ll enter a fast field section once again. The quads will continue through another field while the bikes will head into some more woods over to the six-mile mark. 

These two trails come together again in the old clear cut out on the back portion of the property. This section has continued to grow back and really isn’t much like a clear cut anymore but more like a tight section for the quads and a medium speed section for the bikes. This brings you over to the seven-mile mark, and then eventually into the large, planted pine tree sections for a while. This will lead you over to the eight-mile marker, then through some faster trail and into another field section.

About eight and half you’ll pick up a section of pine trees coming up through the edges of one of the fields, then back into the field, and into the woods once again at the nine-mile mark. This section zigzags for quite a while, eventually heading back into another field at the ten-mile mark, and back into the woods one more time. 

From there, it’s another fast field section for a bit before you drop into another zigzagging woods section over to the finish. The first half mile out of the finish will be a bit on the fast side before picking up some medium speed trail with a few tight spots over to the one-mile mark. This brings you back towards the woods section you started at, and that will be a full loop around the Camp Coker Bullet. 

Overall, this year’s course has turned out to be really fun and we’ve got our fingers crossed that the weather turns out as good as possible. That’s going to do it for this week’s edition of Quick Fill as it’s time to head back out and get ready for the weekend. Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you in South Carolina!