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2024 Pre-Registration is NOW OPEN!


Welcome to the GNCC Racing Pre-Registration Service, brought to you by Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Race Gas!

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Race Gas Program is excited to bring back the digital delivery for Race Gas Cash during the 2023 season…No more waiting for cards in the mail!

Here’s how it works:

Pre-entering for GNCC Racing on the FastTrack, you’ll receive $20 in Race Gas e-credits on (One e-credit per rider, per event) Why the change? To get you your cash quicker and to make it easier to use on the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC website or when calling in. When Race Gas e-credits are earned, you’ll receive an email letting you know how much cash has been put into your account, what event you received it for and the expiration of that credit. If you don’t have an account with Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, you’ll have the opportunity to do so through the email that is sent to you. (Please allow 1-3 weeks following the event to receive your email with credit. Credits will expire after 30 days from when you receive them.)

Pre-Entry closes at midnight (ET) on the Wednesday before each event.

Pre-Entry is available to all racers for all classes at all events, all at once! This means you can register now for as many events as you like. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

  1. AMA #: You will need to have a current AMA membership and know your AMA number and expiration in order to pre-enter. To get one or to renew your membership, visit

    Memberships are generally $49 for the year or $20 for a single event. If you only want a single-event pass, you cannot pre-enter, as these memberships are only available at the event.

  2. Riders will need to complete an Annual Release before the pre-entry is complete, the system will prompt you to complete the release. An Annual Release will only need to be completed the first time you pre-register.

  3. GNCC Rider ID#: If you previously confirmed your earned or requested GNCC Racing number, then we assigned you a unique GNCC Rider ID# (this is NOT your AMA number). Your unique GNCC Rider ID# is your two-digit birth month, two-digit birth day and two-digit birth year, followed by the last four digits of your social security number. For example, if you were born on May 2, 1977, and the last four digits of your SSN are 5724, then your unique Rider ID# would be: 0502775724. Use your Rider ID# to pre-register for events. If you are unsure of your Rider ID#, please contact us and we will hook you up. Call 304.284.0084.

    If you did not confirm your earned or requested number, or you do not have a GNCC Rider ID#, then select “I do not have a confirmed number” and complete the form. We will then assign you a GNCC Rider ID# for future use.

  4. Race #: If you previously confirmed your earned or requested number, enter that number. If you did not confirm your earned or requested number, we will assign you a temporary number for the event you are pre-entering ONLY. If you want a specific number, you must reserve one. If you do not reserve a number we will assign you a different number for each event. CLICK HERE to reserve a number.

  5. Transponder #: GNCC uses Sport-Tag RFID transponders to score the races. Transponders from other series or races are NOT compatible and will NOT work. If you already have a Sport-Tag RFID transponder, enter your 6-digit transponder number (Note: 2018+ models, which have a 6-digit number, will only be used. No 10-digit number transponders will be compatible). Make sure to enter the CORRECT and COMPLETE transponder number. If the rider has more than one transponder, enter one in the primary and one in the alternate transponder number fields. Most scoring errors are caused by incorrect transponder numbers or expired transponders. If you do not have a transponder, you can purchase or rent one at the event. If you do have one, make sure it does not expire before the event. You do NOT need to have a transponder in order to pre-enter, but you must obtain one at the event. There is a separate Transponder Lane at the Registration tent for this purpose. Rent or purchase your transponder AFTER you proceed to the Pre-Entry FAST TRACK Lane and have your envelope brought to the transponder line.

  6. Receipt: Once you submit your Pre-Entry application, we will send you a confirmation email with an attached PDF, which is your receipt and race entry form. You do NOT need to print out the form.

  7. Event Check-in: Even though you are pre-entered, you still must check-in at Rider Registration. The Fast Track lane will be a separate table just for pre-entered racers. If you need to purchase or rent a transponder at the event, please do so AFTER you check-in. We must have the transponder number in order to complete your event entry.

  8. Helmet Tags: If you indicated on your Pre-Entry that you needed any helmet tags, they will be ready for you at the Fast Track lane. You will also get your event sticker when you check in.

  9. Minors: Racers under the age of 18 must be registered by a parent or legal guardian. A Minor Annual Release card is good for all events. If you do not have an Annual Minor Release card, you will be given one at registration to fill out for the year.

  10. Service Fee: A non-refundable service fee will be charged for the processing and preparation of all Pre-Entries.

  11. Refund Policy: 

    If you pre-registered online for the event, they are transferable from one event to another but are not refundable. If you picked up your event numbers and stickers, but decide to NOT race, you must come to Rider Registration and withdraw from the event. If you pre-registered for an event but are unable to attend, just contact us and we will transfer your entry to the next event. Otherwise, entries are non-refundable. Entries will not transfer over to the next year.

  12. Privacy Policy: We respect your privacy. To view our complete Privacy Policy, visit HERE.

We hope this Pre-Entry system alleviates the wait and speeds up your registration experience, in addition to saving you money! Let us know if you have any other suggestions or ideas to improve the process. We want you to get out of the line and get down to great GNCC Racing!

2024 Pre-Registration is NOW OPEN!