GNCC Racing

Emergency Contact

On-Site Emergency:

If you are a rider or fan and experience an emergency on-site or otherwise need emergency assistance, call 911 and notify track officials immediately. Numbers to call are:

John Knox (412) 298.8854

Keith Weimer (814) 442.0019


Off-Site Emergency:

Due to the nature of GNCC Racing it is not uncommon for events to be held in remote areas with marginal cell phone service. We realize that there may be times when our riders, fans and families may need to contact someone off-site or vice-versa, but due to limited cell phone service, are unable to do so. To address this issue, GNCC Racing has installed a MagicJack landline available at Rider Registration for the convenience of our guests in the event of an emergency. Please feel free to share this number with your loved ones.

Off-Site Emergency Phone:  (304) 581-8587